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Other great classics too!

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1958 Excellent Restored Leaf Green 1275 Bugeye Sprite for sale, “Luigi!”
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1959 Austin Healey Sprite, restored with automatic transmission!
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1959 Custom 5-speed Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite for sale!
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1959 Restored Bugeye Sprite for sale-with overdrive five-speed, 1275 engine, disc brakes, wire wheels and more!
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59 Bugeye Sprite driver with period Kellison nose!
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60 Bugeye Sprite driver for sale, “Booker”
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Excellent 1960 Bugeye Sprite driver for sale!
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For sale: One 1959 Bugeye Sprite in a bubble

Fresh rotisserie restoration- five speed 1275 Bugeye Sprite for sale, tons of upgrades!

Now sold and heading to Arkansas! Congratulations Amy and Brant!

This 1959 Sprite (AN5L 18190) is one lucky car. It has been completely stripped and restored on a rotisserie and will probably outlive us all. Ever square inch has been renewed, all parts are replaced, it has all the right upgrades, and it is now ready for a new home. Kelly was the builder, and I am delighted to acknowledge a whole lot of hard work that went into a long and costly project by naming the car after him. Thank you Kelly!

You can see in the build pictures that the car underwent countless hours of prep before paint, and it shows. The lines are clean and straight and the car shines wonderfully.

The build included many exceptional upgrades, like a wonderful and quick 1275 engine with a great hotter cam and new carburetors, five speed fully synchronized Datsun transmission with overdrive, front disk brakes and sway bar, electronic ignition in a new distributor, thermostatically operated electric cooling fan, brighter Hella headlights with upgraded relays, new premium interstate battery, uprated gear reduction starter, new interior, nice stereo with speakers mounted in the boot and an accurate dashboard display of switches and gauges. New premium door pockets-we replaced the busy ones that came with the car. New seat components. New windshield to body gasket and all rubber is brand new throughout. Tires are slightly wider 175/70 for better handling and braking and new, as are the alloy wheels.

We have gone through the car and finished the restoration, and now the car is ready for a new home. Just 63 miles show on the clock. For Kelly, the fun was in the build, and he has moved on to the next project.

A non retractible three point shoulder seat belt set is fit, which I would change for our inertia reel set up before the current seat belt flips out and hits the stunning rocker panels. That’s why I love the retracts, they are less apt to chip the paint.

Exhaust is a nice stainless steel new system, fed by an nice header up front. Lifetime K & N air filters are also fit. Radiator core has been upgraded to modern specs for better cooling.

The paint, incidentally, is base clear great work, with painted on stripes that have been cleared over, so they are a part of the finish. All very well executed. You can see the nice finish in the A pilar area as shown below.

A passable top is included (see picture) but it is not up to the caliber of the rest of the car. We can fit a new one if the new owner so-desires. Original side curtains are also included, but they too will need restoration, or we can provide new ones. The tonneau is new, and fits nicely.

This is a turnkey Bugeye, the recipient of thousands of dollars of new parts and hundreds of loving restoration hours. It’s an excellent final product. We can further upgrade the car with a supercharger and more (ala Gumby). Or use it as is.

Bugeye Sprite cockpit details-windshield gaskets, washer pumps, choke and starter knobs, door pockets…

Details matter, especially in the cockpit, where you spend the most time with your car and where everything has to be right. Too many restorations are only 3/4 baked. We work hard to change that whenever we can, by correcting and detailing the subtle features that help differentiate a good restoration from a great one. In this restoration, you’ll notice overly busy door pocket fasteners (now replaced) and a flat windshield to body gasket, which should be rolled under or it will leak at the windshield wiper posts (done).

In the video below, I show a few of the these subtle details we changed on our newest Bugeye listed called “Kelly.” The sum total of those details can really improve any restoration.

Bugeye Sprite Piper Cub eclipse

Roger has nice toys. There is perhaps no better vehicle to drive to visit your Piper Cub than a Bugeye like “Carmine,” the black supercharged Bugeye he purchased from us a while back, which we sent to his home in Oregon. He was able to enjoy a recent morning viewing his Cub and his Bugeye and also a total solar eclipse, all at the same time, and he sends this dispatch from his hanger in Oregon, where he is wearing his Bugeyeguy hat:

“Hi, David; Well, I thought I would check in with a quick Carmine report. I guess my comment would be ‘Wow, I really shouldn’t be allowed to have this much fun with a car!’ You can see it tucked away in my shop (and quite dirty, but well used and enjoyed). It’s due for a wash job. No mechanical issues thus far, but, as they say, death and taxes… I’m still coming to terms with the English terminology (bonnet, boot, etc.) but I’ll struggle through. Thanks for an almost new 57 year-old car. Regards, Roger.”

Our newest listing, the Bugeye called “Kelly,” would be another excellent car to supercharge just like Carmine. Call if you are interested!

1959 Custom 5-speed Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite for sale!

This is a great Bugeye for anyone looking for a modified car that has wonderful improvements for putting on the miles. “Susan,” is fit with front disc brakes, upgraded 1275 engine, five speed overdrive transmission and new tires with recent Minilight wheels. It’s a great package.

Interior is non stock, with more comfortable seats and a nice wood dash, with all new gauges. It’s a nice look if you are looking for a fast driver and don’t care about the missing factory details. All these modifications were done about 4000 miles ago.

The car also has a flip-forward bonnet, which makes engine access a breeze. We’ve gone through the car and fixed a number of issues to get it ready for a new home. We still need to change the ignition wires, which look like they came from a beetle. We are on the case. The car also sports an upgraded alternator and battery cut out switch, shown under the hood.
The car has also been de-seamed. The beading on top of the fenders has been removed, which gives the car a cleaner and sleeker look. I like it! It makes the car look a little more upscale. This job is well-executed.

This car also has been autographed by Sprite rally-great John Sprinzel, you can see his signature on the inner fender. Nice top and sidecurtains are included, as well as a good tonneau. The top and windows come in nice padded pouches as shown.

Give a call or email if you want to make this car your own! It’s great fun to drive, and looks great too!


Rod and Truck Bugeye Sprite, April 1984

The Image at left is from Road & Track’s April, 1984 “Rod and Truck” spoof. They were lampooning their own posters you might remember regularly advertised in the magazine in the early 80s. “Le Dilettante” features a then yellow Bugeye once owned by magazine road test editor Kim Reynolds, who generously provided these reproductions so I could share them here. That yellow car is AN5L 8620, later restored and painted Speedwell blue, the very same “RT” Bugeye we have for sale in our current inventory.

Below you can see the original page that was being spoofed in the annual April Fools R&T, an edition I looked forward to reading every year! Beneath that, you see the original spoof poster advertisement in its entirety.

Proper top and tonneau fittings for all Bugeye Sprites

Judging from the array of misplaced top and tonneau fasteners we see every week on Bugeyes, this is a tricky issue that needs attention. So in the video below, I describe where to put lift dot and tenax fittings on a Bugeye back deck.

Some cars came through with short tonneaus. These had a row of lift dot fittings just aft of the rear cockpit rail. If you are restoring your car, you might consider welding these shut and using a long tonneau instead. They’re easier to fit, with fewer fasteners, and keep your deck clean of extra fittings and holes.

We sell both short and long tonneaus in our catalog.