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“Booker,” 1960 Bugeye Sprite driver for sale.
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1959 Bugeye Sprite driver with period Kellison nose!
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1973 TR6 for sale, excellent driver, thousands spent on restoration!
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64K mile 1971 Volvo P1800E for sale, overdrive!
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Stunning 1969 MGC for sale, original colors, matching engine, low mileage, new video!

Genuine Barn find Bugeye Sprite

We have now sold 199 Bugeye Sprites. Look closely to see if you can find what might be our 200th (although it will take a while to get this one running again).

This is  a barn-find Bugeye that has been living in an actual barn in Ohio since 1982, when it was dragged home by a father and son for a restoration (that unfortunately never happened). We’ll now drag it to our place and evaluate what it will take to put yet another Sprite back on the road.

I was able to speak to the prior owner of this car who owned it from 1973-1982. He took it apart and sold it to the folks who put it in this chicken coop, where it has lived for the past 35 years, and earned the nickname “Bird.”

I’ll get additional photos as we extract it, so you can watch the car begin its journey back to the open road.

Picture of the week

Liz and Bruce came this week to drive their “new’ bugeye (#194, Motor Mike) which they will soon take home to the Rochester area. They have been British car owners for ages, and I was lucky to grab this photo of them getting ready for their ride. If you squint just right, in this photo you can see two happy teenagers on their way to the prom.

A day in the (modern) life of a Bugeye Sprite

I like to put at least 20 miles on every car we sell so I can make certain our customers get a great product. These shake down drives help me to find any issues that need attention before we load the car into a trailer bound for a new home. Here are a few photos from my adventures this week in “Sara,” our restored green Bugeye we have for sale. Click any picture to enlarge.

First I stopped at FedEx to deliver a Bugeye-load of boxes loaded with parts from our catalog. No one else can claim that their Bugeye parts are shuttled via Bugeye to the shipping depot. I enjoyed the contrast of our delivery vehicle adjacent to the slightly larger version.

Next it was on to the bank, where I couldn’t help notice the sameness on display in the parking lot. Here were two nearly identical midsize SUVs made by completely different manufacturers, each equally lacking in any personality whatsoever.

On my way back to the shop, I caught up with a late model Lamborghini Aventador (which I could only catch because of the red light that stopped him). My green nose in his rear view mirror seemed to catalyze a whole lot of 10,000 rpm snarling and growling, and when the light changed, he effectively demonstrated that he indeed does have just a bit more than 43 HP.

There is something wonderful about driving around in a Frogeye, sampling the way it fits (or doesn’t fit) into the modern world. The contrast is fascinating. The mundane becomes very exciting. This is why I never get tired of driving a Bugeye Sprite.

Peter Egan on Bugeye Sprites

Road and Track was my favorite magazine before I got my license. I would canvas the neighborhood on my stingray (bicycle), searching people’s driveways for cars I had learned about in R & T. Peter Egan was my favorite writer, and he taught me that a British car heater was as powerful as a “hamster blowing through a straw,” and this is something I have now spent many winters remembering as I drive around town in a coat, happy that the hamster at least makes it possible for me to remove my gloves.

When I found this article about Bugeyes by Egan in the March of 1996 edition of Road and Track, I thought it needs to be archived here on our site, for all our readers to enjoy, and also for future British car lovers to read so they too can grow up and start businesses to support these wonderful cars.

Of particular interest in this piece is the story of Rob Garofalo’s gold level Concours Sprite which was a 990 point car in the 1992 national Healey club concours, claimed to be to be the first gold Bugeye ever recorded. I have not been able to get a count of the total number of gold badges awarded for Bugeyes since but I now know of just three: our car 552 was gold in 2015. Woody, the green bugeye we sold to Ben Kenion was awarded gold in 2016. If anyone knows of other cars that have received gold level award, please let me know.

Finally, note the original green rubber mat set shown as well as the correct green seats and dash for a leaf green car. It’s a green festival so ugly, it’s beautiful. Rubber mats such as these are no longer available. They were thin and inexpensive and wore out quickly. We have carpet and hardura alternatives in our Bugeyeguyparts catalog.

To read the full original article, click here to open the PDF file by clicking here. 

Sebring Sprite Driving Lights

These bonnet mounted driving lights have been popular with Bugeye Sprites, probably since the first endurance event that lasted into the night. You’ve seen them on Sebring Sprites, and on many other Bugeyes that have raced into the night.

I love how these look and I’m fitting them to my Bugeye “Gumby” during the current restoration. We’ve tried bumper mounted driving lights on other Bugeyes and while it is nice to avoid drilling holes in the body, it’s very difficult to fit the lights symmetrically to the natural depression in the nose of these cars when they are mounted on the bumper. By instead mounting them as shown, you can ensure they will fit perfectly in this recess. In fact, when you buy this lighting kit from us, we include a small template so you can properly pierce your (Bugeye) nose. Just one small hole is required on each side of the grill as shown in the video below.

Wiring is simple-on Gumby, I am using a two position pull switch on the dash to activate the lights (available separately). Since I have fuel injection on that car and no choke, I am mounting that switch in the choke hole on the dash. You can also mount a hidden switch under the dash.

We’re excited to offer these lights for any other owners looking for beautiful accessory that looks great also improves nighttime visibility. They come in a beautiful chrome housing and with a replaceable halogen bulb. Wiring not included.

Visit our online catalog to get your set of driving lights today by clicking here.

“Delores,” striking restored 1960 Bugeye Sprite, NOW SOLD, #201!

This is a beautiful, restored, 1960 Bugeye called “Delores”(AN5L 30460). She shows 60,133 miles. Bodywork is all done, a full restoration is now complete and the paint is new in Olde English white. The build is correct and accurate throughout, with stock parts and new radial tires in the correct size. White with red is stunning on these cars and always popular.

Take a look at the interior details–we’ve fit the correct red door check straps, the correct door weather-stripping which is finished off just like it was at the factory, the correct door plugs and even the door linings and door pockets. Seats are new, dash is recovered with leather (original dashboards were vinyl, this is a nice upgrade). The result is a stunning all correct interior.

img_3578This straight and nicely restored car with a ton of new parts, including new drum brakes, all new hydraulics, front sway bar, and a great red tonneau that matches the interior. There is no top yet, but we can fit one in the same red color as the tonneau.

Engine is the freshly rebuilt 948 stock powerplant and the transmission is a rebuilt correct smooth case stock four-speed model. Oil pressure and power is just like new. Transmission is newly rebuilt and the car is a joy to drive. We have checked it out thoroughly. Click the engine picture (and any picture) to enlarge it and to see how beautiful everything looks.

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