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“Booker,” 1960 Bugeye Sprite driver for sale.
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“Sara,” 1959 5-speed Bugeye Sprite for sale
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“Delores,” striking restored 1960 Bugeye Sprite for sale!
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1959 Bugeye Sprite driver with period Kellison nose!
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1967 restored MGB with matching original engine and color! New drive video!
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64K mile 1971 Volvo P1800E for sale, overdrive!
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Restored 1968 Morris Mini Cooper S for sale
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Stunning and rare 1969 MGC for sale, new pictures!

“Pepper,” a custom 1960-1275CC AH Bugeye Sprite for sale! NEW VIDEO!

Pepper is now sold!!! Congratulations Dan! Soon heading to you in Illinois with a new five speed installed!

AN5L 33779 is a 1960 Bugeye called “Pepper.” This car was owned for many years by a passionate restorer, who built his Bugeye with custom roll bars and a trunk! There have been a few trunk-eyes floated around the web over the years, and a kit at some point for people who wanted to add one. This builder cut into the back deck and made the trunk lid out of that material, so it fits quite well. Then he hinged the trunk lid with Bugeye nose hinges! A cable release is located just behind the driver’s outside shoulder. It works great, and makes this car quite unique. Luggage access is definitely improved. Needs a hydraulic piston to hold it up though, which would be a nice upgrade over the wood prop rod! (That’s something we could design and install if the new owner so-desires.)

We’ve got a new video drive and tour of this car, posted below:

The builder also fit small fender flairs and a custom functional hood vent. The front spoiler is my favorite, and makes the front end a little more aggressive. Driving lights are also fit inside the nose. The flip-up fuel cap is also a nice touch.

The car drives great, with a strong 1275 engine and a shortened shift lever, for quicker shifts. Front disk brakes and anti-roll bar are fit, as well as electronic ignition and a spin-on oil filter and K and N lifetime air filters. Master cylinders are also upgraded to the later type, which offers a dual output brake master and separate clutch reservoir. An alternator is also fit, as has an oil cooler up front of the radiator, to help keep things cool. It’s all nicely done, and sprayed in a sharp metallic two stage paint job. We’ve just rebuilt and tuned the carbs, fit a good battery hold down, and fit new front shocks and bushings.

The underside has been repaired and shows no rust. Exhaust is a nice stainless center pipe and muffler, mated to an exhaust header for great power and a nice note. Top is older, and a bit shrunken. We have new red ones, or put on our open bikini top for sun protection and call it a day. There’s no tonneau, but we have matching red ones available.

This car is ready! Call to have us send Pepper to your door!

“Delores,” striking restored 1960 Bugeye Sprite for sale!

This is a beautiful, restored, 1960 Bugeye called “Delores”(AN5L 30460). She shows 60,133 miles. Bodywork is all done, a full restoration is now complete and the paint is new in Olde English white. The build is correct and accurate throughout, with stock parts and new radial tires in the correct size. White with red is stunning on these cars and always popular.

Take a look at the interior details–we’ve fit the correct red door check straps, the correct door weather-stripping which is finished off just like it was at the factory, the correct door plugs and even the door linings and door pockets. Seats are new, dash is recovered with leather (original dashboards were vinyl, this is a nice upgrade). The result is a stunning all correct interior.

img_3578This straight and nicely restored car with a ton of new parts, including new drum brakes, all new hydraulics, front sway bar, and a great red tonneau that matches the interior. No top yet, but we can fit one in the same red color as the tonneau.

Engine is the freshly rebuilt 948 stock powerplant and the transmission is a rebuilt correct smooth case stock four-speed model. Oil pressure and power is just like new. Transmission synchronizers are excellent and the car is a joy to drive. We have checked it out thoroughly. Click the engine picture (and any picture) to enlarge it and to see how beautiful everything looks.

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“Emil,”a very special restored 1960 Bugeye Sprite for sale.

Now SOLD, congratulations Andrew! Soon Emil will move to Ojai, California. Check out “Delores” if you are looking for another really nice Bugeye.

This is “Emil,” a Bugeye we have restored, sold and have now purchased again. The most recent owner put in a five-speed Datsun transmission, thus further upgrading a car that was already a very wonderful example. Now Emil has been further improved with a fully synchronized gear box and overdrive fifth gear. Check out the video below! (this video was made before the five speed upgrade, but gives you a great feel for this car)

The last owner also upgraded the front brake disks to slotted and drilled rotors and changed the chrome wire wheels to knock-off minilight wheels, shod with new 175 radial tires for better grip and braking. The car already has a massive list of improvements, plus we have gone through this car and sorted everything out on this car, so it only gets better every time we see it!

You can read more about Emil (and see a video drive) in the post we made last time we had the car, by clicking here. Emil has traveled under 1000 miles since this post was made and looks the same as what you see in this older post, with the exception of the new wheels and new mirrors. If you prefer the chrome wire wheels and/or the chrome mirrors, we can swap those for you. And if you want to push Emil even further, we can also add a supercharger kit, for more power and fun!

The car has a nearly new burgundy tonneau and no windows or side curtains, but we have a matching top and windows available should you require them. The last two owners only drove the car on nice days, so a tonneau was sufficient.

This is a great Bugeye with a ton of modifications, and the best ones at that. Call if you are interested!

Greatest 90 year-old Bugeye Sprite driver in the world

Rod Buller been a British sports car and Healey lover all his life. We first met him when he was a spry 86 years old when he purchased his first Bugeye. He went on to trade in that car for a more powerful five-speed screamer, which has gracefully propelled Rod to his 90th Birthday, March 4, 2017. (You can see the initial post about Rod from 2015 by clicking here)

Rod sent me the great card reproduced below, featuring his new #90 roundel:

From now on, when someone asks me if it’s practical to own a Bugeye, or if they can drive it on a long trip or as a daily driver, I will think of Rod, who seems to be having no trouble enjoying his Bugeye, while the rest of us are busy asking questions.

Happy 90th Birthday Rod, from Bugeyeguys and Bugeyegals the world-over!

“Sara,” 1959 5-speed Bugeye Sprite for sale


Stock look with the best upgrades!

“Sara” is a 1960 Bugeye Sprite in a mostly stock configuration with a 948 engine and drum brakes all around. We sold Sara in 2011 to passionate parents in Virginia, who have generously upgraded the car through their time of ownership. In April of 2014, they hired us for an expensive upgrade… AN5L 23816 got a five speed ford gearbox conversion, new dashboard with all correct gauges and switches and a new leather dash covering (vinyl was the stock cover material). A newly rebuild zero-miles speedometer was installed at that time, which now shows just 543 miles.

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1959 Bugeye Sprite driver with period Kellison nose!

This is “Kellison,” a Bugeye with a light-weight and sleek 60s accessory nose!

Click to enlarge this period Kellison advertisement. (The original nose was $150!)

Somewhere along its journey, a prior owner removed the Bugeye nose and put on a fiberglass Kellison Nose, a very cool and unique period accessory. This front end gives makes this a special car indeed, and will guarantee a lot of attention at car shows. It’s common to see later Spridgets fit with Bugeye noses, but rarely to you find a nice Bugeye fit with an aftermarket period nose. I am guessing this one was purchased in the 60s because the original business card is still attached to the nose (see photo below). Kellison moved from Folsum to Lincoln, CA in 1963.

AN5L 18695 is a nice 1959 Bugeye with a strong 1275 engine, painted in the correct original Cherry red color.

The car needed a valve job so we just put on a new head with hardened seats and new valves and springs and the car drives great. We also changed the steering rack boots and radius arm bushings. We also replaced water hoses as needed and fixed a few oil leaks. We changed the fuel tank, fixed the fuel gauge (which has a metal float on the sender, ethanol proof) and replaced any of the older fuel line. We also fixed the charging system. We spent a lot of time on this car-feel free to call to get the final list of improvements, as we made many. Our goal was to make a reasonably priced driver anyone could enjoy without breaking the bank and the car is now ready to go to a new home.

The car already has an upgraded solid state electronic fuel pump, new tires and an exhaust header as well as performance muffler and front sway bar. The car also has a nearly new top in great shape and a pair of original side curtains, which will need restoration, but they are good cores. Air filters are included, we just weren’t finished tuning when I took the pictures.

This is a flip forward assembly for much improved engine access. It’s also significantly lighter than a stock steel nose. I happen to love the look. And if you ever wanted to go back to a stock Bugeye nose, we have those available in steel and fiberglass.

The car drives wonderfully and looks great. If you are looking for a nice driving Bugeye that’s a bit out of the ordinary, Kellison is a good one, for $13,995.