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1958 Excellent Restored Leaf Green Bugeye Sprite for sale, “Luigi!”
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1959 Austin Healey Sprite, restored with automatic transmission!
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1959 Restored Bugeye Sprite for sale-with overdrive five-speed, 1275 engine, disc brakes, wire wheels and more!
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59 Bugeye Sprite driver with period Kellison nose!
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60 Bugeye Sprite driver for sale, “Booker”
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64K mile 1971 Volvo P1800E for sale, overdrive!
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Excellent 1960 Bugeye Sprite driver for sale!
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For sale: One 1959 Bugeye Sprite in a bubble
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R&T 1959 Restored black plate Bugeye Sprite for sale
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Stunning 1969 MGC for sale, original colors, matching engine, low mileage, price reduced!
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Sweet 1959 Austin Healey Bugeyed Sprite for sale!

Rubber replacement kit for all Bugeye Sprites

We have changed a lot of rubber parts on Sprites over the years, and it seems that all the same pieces are prone to cracking, on almost every car. A client called recently looking for one of everything for a Bugeye he recently had painted, so we made a kit of the 34 most common pieces that Bugeye owners need. When you replace all the pieces in this kit, your car takes a giant step up in quality and finish.

This video below describes where everything goes and why it matters. We sell the kit in our catalog and you can find it by clicking here.

For sale: One 1959 Bugeye Sprite in a bubble

Now that we have massaged more than 200 Bugeyes in one way or another, some have blurred but a few really stand out. This 1959 Sprite (AN5L 14380) which we call “Crane” is one of the special ones. It is now for sale.

The car was exceptional when we sold it to the current owner a few years ago, an excellent rotisserie restoration that we fully sorted and tastefully upgraded to that owner’s taste. For him we added electronic ignition, spin on oil filter kit, new tires, three point retractable seat belts, an improved engine cooling fan and more. But it’s what happened next that makes this car so special.

That owner, (Crane), is THE guy you want to purchase a car from… forget what he asked us to do to make the car great, which included upgrading the engine with a 1098 head with better performance and new valves, springs and hardened valve seats. We also put on completely restored larger HS2 carbs, a great upgrade from later Sprites. These are wonderful upgrades. But that was just the beginning.

Once he got it, Crane lavished on this little Sprite every indulgence one could offer a four-wheeled vehicle. The car was stored in a what amounts to a museum, the seats were covered with stay fast protective covers made for him when he purchased the car, and I don’t think they have seen any UV light since the car last left our shop.

This car’s dermatologist would be proud.

One chronic issue with Bugeyes is a small arc of scratches on the back that usually result from the convertible top chafing this area. While this was fine in 1959, it is not the way Crane rolls, so he had a piece of clear plastic invisible clear BRA strategically applied to the back deck, to make a nifty protective layer between convertible top and painted surface. It’s perfectly executed.

He powdercoated the rims too, and these are some of the nicest original Sprite steel wheels I had ever seen, with not a single mark.

When you run your hand along the finish of this car you can tell it has something different going on, Crane must have hired the worlds finest detailer and I don’t know how many hours he must have spent but the car feels like it is sufficiently protected to last into the next millennium.

This is a 948CC drum brake four-speed equipped old English white car with the “Crane Package,” which means it was given everything and anything to make it absolutely one of the nicest and cleanest examples you will ever see of the 1959 Bugeye Sprite. Even the top bow has been preserved in a protective case Crane had us make, so it could live in his garage without getting blemished.

You get the idea. This car is not for everyone, but only for the person who wants the best of the best and for whom money is not the point. Quality and cleanliness is.


Austin Healey 3000 MK 1 interior freshening

We love big Healeys too!

We have had many of them, and I have a bj8 and bn2 in my small personal collection. So it is only natural for us to help out a customer with a 1960 BT7 that needs sprucing up in the interior. We’ll polish the cockpit trim, replace a bunch of the vinyl around the interior and put in a new aluminum radiator in preparation for the trip to Florida. We’ll also fit new wire wheels and tires.

Stay tuned to see pictures of this transformation! You can see the “before” condition in the video below:

Could this be your Bugeye summer?

I get many inquires each week, from shoppers waiting on the side lines, hoping to find the perfect moment to dive in. But what are you waiting for? We are not getting any younger. Join the now 205 people who have blazed the trail. We have awesome cars in stock right now… we would like to send you one so you can enjoy it this summer.

And remember, we are always happy to buy back the cars we prepare, so even if you decide next summer that you want to try something new, we are happy to support you to enjoy this summer, your Bugeye summer, right now.

Watch this video before you even think about painting a Bugeye Sprite

This beautiful 1960 Bugeye has received a ground-up restoration, performed for a client in Virginia. This week, I took the car for its very first test drive and now it’s ready for final assembly.

But the real work happened months ago, long before the shiny paint went on and new mechanicals were bolted together. Check out this new video below to see what matters most for any classic car restoration.

Bugeye Sprite custom interior tour, “Gumby.”

Gumby got first place on the first day out. It was a small Sprite class at this years’ British by the Sea, but nonetheless a nice acknowledgment of the hard work that went into this build. Lots of people wanted to see more so I made a video of the interior details that were unique to this custom tribute Super Sprite. Which you can see below.

Gumby represents a custom interpretation of what a Bugeye Sprite can be. It was particularly exciting for us to make this car after our last similarly massive project of building a gold concours all stock and all accurate Councours car. If you missed that, car AN5L 552 was a Concours project we built for the national Healey conclave, which made Gold standard after two hours of judging by a team of four judges. 552 and Gumby were big undertakings and completely different kinds of projects. You might enjoy seeing the judges diligently inspect 552 in the short video below.

Several people asked if they could buy Gumby… it’s not for sale, will be with me for life, since I have had this car since 1979. But Gumby is a demonstration of what we can build and thus a model of what we would love to build for you! Feel free to give a call to discuss your dream Sprite build! From Concours to one-off, we would love to build it for you!