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“Booker,” 1960 Bugeye Sprite driver for sale.
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“Sara,” 1959 5-speed Bugeye Sprite for sale
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“Delores,” striking restored 1960 Bugeye Sprite for sale!
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1959 Bugeye Sprite driver with period Kellison nose!
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1967 restored MGB with matching original engine and color! New drive video!
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64K mile 1971 Volvo P1800E for sale, overdrive!
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Restored 1968 Morris Mini Cooper S for sale
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Stunning and rare 1969 MGC for sale, new pictures!

Trade in your Bugeye Sprite!

Bud and Phoebe have owned their red Bugeye for 35 years, so it’s no surprise that the car was a part of the family, and even ended up on at least one holiday card, as shown below.

Unfortunately, Bud recently hit a stopped KIA in his old friend and smashed it’s nose. Fortunately, no one was hurt, and the car faired quite well, although the left fender was destroyed. Rather than hassle with the repair, he quickly called us and purchased our Bugeye “Spring.” Below you can see his two cars at our shop. We found a round-trip shipper who brought us the smashed car for repair and will take Spring back to Bud, the round trip car exchange only took one week. You can see the enclosed trailer in the background that dropped off the smashed car and is ready to load Bud’s new ride! (We didn’t specify a matching red truck, sometimes you just get lucky.)

Click to buy a fiberglass nose

Bud’s old car will get a new Fiberglass Bugeye nose and we will offer Bud’s old friend for sale once the nose is painted. Fortunately, the car was not damaged at all, just the nose.

This is not the first time we have done a Frog swap and we love these reality show-esque quick-change projects. We know there are lots of immobile Bugeyes out there, and spouses and neighbors who have been wondering if these projects will ever move again. We can pick up your project and put a driving car in it’s place, much to the surprise of your friends! Call anytime to discuss turning your parked asset into something you can use!

Fred Flintstone’s Bugeye Sprite

Here’s what happens when a Bugeye with rusted floors gets restored. This was a rusty black Bugeye we put on a rotisserie and onto it’s side so we could cut out all the old floor scabs and then weld in new metal. In case you can’t get your bearings, you can see the footwells to the left of the photo (the yellow grinder is hanging in the driver footwell) and the area all around the spring boxes (with the floors removed) toward the right of the photo.

Once the new floors are welded in place, you can see the beautiful results, and a new Bugeye tub is born! This is a car we are rebuilding for a customer in Virginia, and it will be one sweet black Bugeye with a supercharger when we are all done!

The quest for the perfect Bugeye Sprite exhaust note

What’s the right exhaust note for your Bugeye (or any vintage sportscar?) This is something we think about often. We like a vintage “ANSA” sound that’s loud but not offensive or too loud for the neighbors.

Until now, lots of people used a generic twin-tipped muffler made by a company called Pacesetter. You can find them online from multiple vendors, marketed for Sprites and other British cars. The problem is that this muffler is too loud and just doesn’t fit. It’s too long and hits you in the ankles if you walk behind the car. And when you get on the gas, it can be heard across town, which was fine for me in high school, but now I am more concerned it will get me arrested. So we have two better alternatives at, so you too can enjoy a nice note that won’t won’t wake up the dog a half-mile before you turn down your street.

Our sport muffler is quiet and still sounds quite pleasant and sporty. This is the right choice is you want to save money and you like a single exit pipe. Our twin tipped muffler is extremely sexy, with slender stainless tips, and looks just as good standing still as when all 43 horsepower is flowing through it. We custom made this product so it would fit and also sound great.

Check out the video below to hear these mufflers, and click below to order them from our catalog, or, when you buy your Bugeye from us, we can build the right exhaust note into your new classic. Note: all mufflers will require some cutting, welding and bending to complete your installation, depending on which center pipe you have in your car. Any exhaust shop can help!

Check out all of our exhaust offerings by clicking here.

Photo of the week

More head fairings are on the way!

We have tweaked our design and now offer a new lower volume and tweaked product that looks much better on the car than our original design (which someone has already copied and offers for sale!)

This new one we offer exclusively is much improved over our first version. Look for it soon on Gumby and a lot of other Super Sprites! You can get your very own head fairing by clicking here.

Here is our head fairing and hard tonneau installed on a customers car

Bugeye Sprite Seat parts for sale

New Metel Seat Base

Bugeye Seats parts are often rusty. The seat bottom trays rust from moisture that gets into the footwells, and the seat backs often rust along the bottom edges where they are closest to water that gets into the car if they are left out in the rain.

This is the first time we have seen a rusty seat back higher up. It was fine when we got the car, but after a few test drives the seat back got all wiggly, and we removed the cover to find that rust had attacked this seat back in the middle section. A new seat back fixed the problem right away. In the meantime we got another fun video of something we had not previously seen.

We’ve got all the seat parts you might need in our catalog, which you can see by clicking here.

Greatest 90 year-old Bugeye Sprite driver in the world

Rod Buller been a British sports car and Healey lover all his life. We first met him when he was a spry 86 years old when he purchased his first Bugeye. He went on to trade in that car for a more powerful five-speed screamer, which has gracefully propelled Rod to his 90th Birthday, March 4, 2017. (You can see the initial post about Rod from 2015 by clicking here)

Rod sent me the great card reproduced below, featuring his new #90 roundel:

From now on, when someone asks me if it’s practical to own a Bugeye, or if they can drive it on a long trip or as a daily driver, I will think of Rod, who seems to be having no trouble enjoying his Bugeye, while the rest of us are busy asking questions.

Happy 90th Birthday Rod, from Bugeyeguys and Bugeyegals the world-over!