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Other great classics too!

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“Booker,” 1960 Bugeye Sprite driver for sale.
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1959 Bugeye Sprite driver with period Kellison nose!
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1973 TR6 for sale, excellent driver, thousands spent on restoration!
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64K mile 1971 Volvo P1800E for sale, overdrive!
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Stunning 1969 MGC for sale, original colors, matching engine, low mileage, new video!

“MORRIE,” fully restored 1960 Bugeye Sprite, correct Iris Blue! (SOLD)



NEW! Top and top bow included and installed!

AN5L 36845 is a Bugeye we call “Morrie,” an excellent fully-restored 1960 Bugeye Sprite ready to go with almost every part brand new. If you are looking for a turn-key Bugeye without hassles, this one has just been built-up in our workshop with the experience of building the many that came before it. The car drives wonderfully, with a plush and smooth ride because it has been set-up right with all systems working properly.

“Plush” is not often used when referring to Bugeyes, but with four new shocks, four new tires and two new seat foams, plus new (plush) carpet throughout the trunk and interior, the car rides quite nicely, well-damped, smooth and rattle free. Rattles are our nemesis–most of these cars arrive in our building with all kinds of rattles–but we mercilessly work to eradicate them, partly because they are annoying, but mostly because they usually point to something about to fail! So in all our final test drives, we are looking for rattles and what they might reveal.

This car has none.
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1959 AH Bugeyed Sprite driver, excellent and sorted, NOW SOLD!

This is AN5L 17109, a Bugeye we fondly call “Motor Mike.” It’s a very solid driver with great sheet metal and floors and a very tidy engine bay. The car has a strong 948 engine and upgraded front disk brakes. Carpet is new, paint is very nice and we have serviced all the hydraulic parts so this car is ready for a new home!

Book of receipts, click to enlarge

The car was completely restored in 1991-1992, and we have a book of receipts and photos that show the car completely disassembled and stripped at that time. From these records, we can see that the car was purchased form an estate on April 5, 1991 in Canton, Ohio by the owner who did the restoration. The indicated mileage at the time of that purchase was 86,579. Current indicated mileage is 92,142, so a total of just 5,563 miles have been covered since that restoration.

On 1-2-99 the car was sold by the restorer to a Mr Williams, also of Canton Ohio, with 88025 miles reported at that time. He joined the Healey club in 1999, and seems to have been an active club member with the car. It appears from the receipts that he kept the car until about 2003, at which time the car moved to dry Mesa, Arizona, which is where the car primarily sat as part of a large collection. It came out of storage in 2016 and we purchased the car from that collector. It’s nice to have a large book of receipts detailing the history of this particular car.

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“Bugvette” a one-owner 1960 Bugeye revival for sale


NOW SOLD and soon moving to Nantucket! Congratulations Chris and Linda!

This Bugeye is a new favorite. AN5L 23751 is a super solid 1960 Bugeye we purchased from the original owner and his son. Dad bought this Sprite new in 1960 and father and son restored the car together the mid 1980s. We were lucky enough to get pictures of some driveway restoration moments, and as homage for all us sons who learned about cars from our dads, we worked hard to restore this car and preserve the essence of that period in history when sports cars were simple and certainly more pure.

bugvette1987The guys in the picture above finished their rebuild project as shown at left, but then took it apart again to refresh the engine and never finished reassembly, so we bought the pieces to give the project a jump start-we finished and restored everything as needed. We welded in a new battery tray, which had rusted-through. We cleaned, polished preserved and only replaced where needed, so this car could come back to the road once again. We left the period Abarth twin tipped exhaust, for example, a treasured accessory back then, sized for the 948 engine with a nice exhaust note. We kept the Austin Healy Sprite billet shift knob, and unlike modern light weight aluminum billet that is common for many modern bits, I think this shift knob is made from a solid piece of lead! We kept the period AM radio, and also a super cool rally map light in the passenger foot well, which works, and has a red removable lens so the navigator can retain his night vision without eye strain.

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“SVEN” an upgraded 1959 Bugeye Sprite for sale

img_2830This is a Bugeye we call Sven (AN5L 9453). Now SOLD to Kevin in Denver! Congratulations!!!

This car was built in early 1959 (AN5L 8927 was the first car built in 1959). Sven is completely stock in appearance, yet hiding quite a few performance modifications. The engine is impressive, rebuilt with a number of performance modifications made to produce a roughly 20% increase in power over a stock 1275 engine. It’s completely street-friendly with a smooth idle and easy driveabilty. But lurking under the hood is a nice performance package featuring a mild street cam, exhaust header with larger bore exhaust system, aluminum head and roller-rocker performance valve gear. Also included is a fancy new performance distributor with breakerless ignition and MSD ignition wires. No points to fail — for reliability, this is the way to go.

The suspension is stock with the addition of a a front anti- roll bar and front disk brakes. All this adds up to make for spirited driving fun and more power than your average 1275 Bugeye.


Sven was well serviced in our shop in 2011 when a number of chronic Bugeye problems were handled… we changed his radius arm bushings, replaced the slave cylinder and brake hoses, installed air horns, replaced his leaking differential pinion seal and exhaust gasket, replaced the heater hose, replaced leaking rear hub seals gaskets and o-rings, and also installed new rear brakes and rear wheel cylinders. We’ve also replaced the fuel filter and he has a brand new SU electric fuel pump.

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1960 Bugeye speedster called “IO”

Sale now pending! Way to go Tim! Sounds like IO is NJ bound!

This is “IO” (AN5L 40869), a 1960 Bugeye Sprite that has everything you need to go fast and have fun. More than $11,000 was spent by the prior owner to put in a newly rebuilt and balanced 1275 engine and disk brakes, so the car drives great and is ready for auto-crossing or spirited driving. This major work was all done in 2014, with minimal miles put on since then. (The car was owned by a collector with many cars in his stable, so this car was only used sporadically even after this massive mechanical restoration project.)

Prior to that, the previous owner conducted a rotisserie restoration to address any rust and/or floor issues. So the foundation is excellent (see pictures).


Receipts are included, which describe camshaft replacement, new double row timing chain and gears, new bearings, pistons and rings, slave cylinder, exhaust header and system, hoses, master cylinder, fuse box, new front shocks, and rear tube shock conversion.

Also fit are an alternator, electric tach and HIF 44 carb. The later is a single 1.75 inch carburetor that is a sweet alternative to twin 1.25 carbs, with fewer moving parts and proven additional performance. I know from experience since I have this set up in one of my personal Bugeyes—It’s cleaner with a simpler linkage and choke, and without the synchronization challenges that can come with twin carb set-ups.


The Factory original hardtop is another bonus, with its original fittings and glass window. The top is in great ship with just one crack near the front mount as shown. Also added were a new windshield glass and rubber seals, new top and tonneau. We’ve just replaced the radius arm bushings, another bonus.
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Striking 1960 Bugeye Sprite,”Carmine,” NOW SOLD!!!

Now sold to Jack in Florida! Congratulations Jack!

This week we welcome back a striking Bugeye we call Carmine (AN5L 37194). We sold this car to a great client in Texas in 2014 and we were excited to have the car back when Carmine’s owner wanted our Sunbeam Tiger instead! This a beautiful Bugeye with tons of great modifications and new components!


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