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Other great classics too!

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1958 Excellent Restored Leaf Green Bugeye Sprite for sale, “Luigi!”
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1959 Austin Healey Sprite, restored with automatic transmission!
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1959 Custom 5-speed Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite for sale!
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1959 Restored Bugeye Sprite for sale-with overdrive five-speed, 1275 engine, disc brakes, wire wheels and more!
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1960 Restored Bugeye Sprite for sale, “Palmer,” stock and sorted!
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59 Bugeye Sprite driver with period Kellison nose!
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60 Bugeye Sprite driver for sale, “Booker”
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64K mile 1971 Volvo P1800E for sale, overdrive!
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Excellent 1960 Bugeye Sprite driver for sale!
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For sale: One 1959 Bugeye Sprite in a bubble
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Rescue this 1959 Bugeye Sprite UPDATE

Picture of the week- Frogeye Beatle Sprite

Here’s some beautiful Bugeye music–that’s George Harrison and Paul McCartney in a Bugeye, Circa 1960.

Lucy in the Sky with Bugeyes!

Picture of the week-Breathing new life into a Bugeye Sprite

Ah, the joy of bringing a Bugeye back to life, as shown by Casey here, who is nearing the end of a multi-year restoration project with parts largely sourced from our online catalog, in which you can find every part for your Sprite (and what you can’t find we will be adding shortly, new products added weekly). Click here check out our catalog.

Congratulations Casey! You’ll be on the road soon!

Skinny Mini Bugeye Sprite

I found this picture online which sure looks like a photoshop image and not the real thing. But the concept is great, and I would love to have one of these on the luggage rack of my Bugeye, for deploying when I need to fit into a tight space where no normal Bugeye would dare venture.

Who wants to make one?

Picture of the week – How to sell British cars, circa 1959

The Bugeye Sprite was introduced in Monte Carlo (just before the Monaco Grand Prix) on May 20, 1958, which would have been after the NY Auto show held in April 1958. Thus we believe this to be the 1959 or 1960 New York auto show BMC show booth.

There are many nice things to notice about this period photo, like the featured Morris Minor rear end and the cardboard under the car to catch dripping oil.

Picture of the week: Bugeye Bike

There is no better way to transport your bicycle (or Bonnevile)! I found this photo online and I am guessing this is somewhere in the UK. Notice the flared rear fenders and the un-flared rocker panels as well as flush mounted flip-forward bonnet locks. Also featured are what appears to be wider and bigger diameter wheels, it’s a great looking RHD rig! We need to add a trailer hitch kit to our catalog!

Santa gets Bugeyed

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs. Claus! (If only they had purchased our 200th Bugeye)

After watching several of our YouTube videos Santa decided to upgrade his sleigh. Although his Bugeye does not hold as many packages as his previous transporter, Santa says that his commute has never been better.

Reindeer everywhere are less enthused, as unemployment rates sky-rocket…

Happy Holidays to all Bugeyeguys and Bugeyegals. We wish you a road-salt-free holiday season!