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Other great classics too!

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1958 Excellent Restored Leaf Green Bugeye Sprite for sale, “Luigi!”
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1959 Austin Healey Sprite, restored with automatic transmission!
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1960 Bugeye Sprite for sale,”Carmine,” Striking & Supercharged!
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1960 Restored Bugeye Sprite for sale, “Palmer,” stock and sorted!
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1960 Striking restored Bugeye Sprite for sale, “Gibbs!”
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1963 Austin Healey Sprite Mark II restoration project for sale, with 1098 engine and disk brakes
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59 Bugeye Sprite driver with period Kellison nose!
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60 Bugeye Sprite driver for sale, “Booker”
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64K mile 1971 Volvo P1800E for sale, overdrive!
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73 TR6 for sale, excellent driver, thousands spent on restoration!
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Stunning 1969 MGC for sale, original colors, matching engine, low mileage, price reduced!

Resto-mod ’60 Morris Minor Convertible, is now SOLD

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Wonderful restored and certified 1965 Sunbeam Tiger! NOW SOLD!


Sold to Phil in Texas! Congratulations Phil!

This is one of my personal cars.

It’s the only V8 I ever owned, and because of the raw power and heritage of these wonderful cars, I thought I might keep it forever. In reality, I have had this car for about two years and driven it only about 100 miles. So it’s time to let it go to someone who will give it some exercise. Besides, I need more space.

This is a 1965 Mark 1 Tiger, B9471169LRXFE with engine 2208 K22KA, certified as a genuine Tiger in 2013 by the Sunbeam Tiger Owner’s Association. The car was originally delivered in PA but has lived in Las Vegas since the 70s per the stack of receipts that come with the car, which would explain why the car is so rust free. According to the receipts, the correct 260 V8 engine was rebuilt in 1986 and then a $22,000 restoration and re-spray was undertaken in 2012, when the car was shipped from Vegas to Dale’s Restorations in San Bernadino, CA. (Dale’s Restorations is a Tiger specialist.) These receipts detail a complete engine out repaint and many new parts. Indicated mileage is 81,376.

About 7000 Mark 1 Tigers were built. Come for a drive in the video below!

It’s a very strong car with quite a long list of new and restored parts. The prior owner put in a new dashboard, which looks great. We put in a Pertronix electronic ignition and had the tachometer converted to accommodate this upgrade, and now it works flawlessly. We also changed the rear axle pinion seal to stop a small leak. We also changed the rear brake hose. Nothing else was needed and the car drives wonderfully.

The car looks fantastic and is not so perfect that you can’t drive and enjoy it. It’s a blast to drive, with plenty of V8 grunt and great handling. The original hardtop is a nice bonus, and I used the car on cooler Spring and Fall days feeling quite happy to have such a nice lid.

There is a nearly new soft top mounted and stowed in the rear compartment. I’ve added photos of the top being erected. All the original top frame rails and components are present and in good shape. Oddly, the front hold down latches are missing, and need to be simply screwed to the header bow (the holes and threads are good and already in place). The window is in very good shape, and once the latches are installed, this top will pull down nicely. The tonneau is not new but very nice too.

Click “Read More” for pricing and to see more than 75 pictures plus additional video…

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The most elegant MGA in the world– amazing restored car, NOW SOLD!!



I love MGAs. Have two in my collection, a 58 coupe and a 62 Mk2. We have owned and sold many of them.

I bought this 1958 MGA because I thought I might want to keep it, but the truth is I barely drive the cars that I have, so I am reluctantly offering this car for sale for someone who will use it. This one is the product of a masterful and obsessive owner who improved the car in every way. Call it a resto mod if you like, but I would say this is just a pure MGA made into an ultimate driving machine. It has multiple impressive upgrades to make this car both visually spectacular and a delight to drive, courtesy of disk brakes in front, supercharger, Ford five speed conversion, lower rear end ratio and many more modifications.

The colors, while non stock, is exceptionally elegant, and based on the reactions I have witnessed out on the street, Champagne is the perfect color for an MGA. People go nuts when they see this car.
Most of the colors of the era were without metallic, and perhaps a bit flat. Take your average Olde English White MGA, for example, and while elegant, the paint is often somewhat milky. This car is vibrant and alive, much more to modern standards. The elegant MGA form is dramatically enhanced by this elegant color… and the result is outstanding.


The rebuilt 1800 MGB five main bearing engine is excellent, and it benefits from an Eaton modern supercharger and new HS6 SU carburetor. Power is excellent, even though boost is low to keep engine longevity in mind. The exhaust is an upgraded stainless Flowmaster system, quiet but with a deep roar. The five speed ford gear box is a delight in every way. The ratios feel right, first gear is fully synchronized, the overdrive is dreamy.

There are quite a few other wonderful touches as evidence of the commitment of the builder to build the ultimate MGA. For example, he fit a custom cockpit wind block screen for the back edge of the cockpit, to reduce wind noise. It’s an exceptional custom build, that is artfully integrated with the edge of the cockpit so it looks like it belongs. The head pillows on this wind blocker match the interior perfectly. The steering wheel is custom wrapped in matching leather. The underside of the trunk lid is artfully covered with carpet, to simply make a nicer finished product. The hood/top is matching stay fast deluxe material, as are the amazing side curtains, works of art by themselves. A back up electric fuel pump is fit, with a switch behind the seat in case it is needed. Two twelve volt battery are fit (instead of the stock twin 6 volts to make 12) for a more robust electrical system. The list goes on, but unlike a lot of “improved” British cars, this one is simply done right. Click “Read More” to see video and pictures.

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2005 Lotus Elise auction ends Weds June 1!

We’ve got this beautiful Elise up for auction online with good bidding climbing upward.
Check it out for sale on Bring a Trailer.  
The auction ends on June, 1, so if you’re interested, don’t delay!

Here’s a car that handles like nothing else on the road.

This 2005 Lotus Elise was bought new in Texas on July 25th 2004. We know this because the first owner kept a log book, which the subsequent two owners have also used to log all the maintenance. The log book is immaculate, and the car was loved and cared-for in the very same way. This is a wonderful example that shows as new. We cannot find any stone chips or signs of damage anywhere on the car. The car was sold with Starshield, an impressive clear bra system that came with the car. It has also never done any track days (many of these end up doing more track miles than road miles).

Colin Chapman, the founder of Lotus, is often quoted as saying; “Power makes you faster in the straights. Subtracting weight makes you faster everywhere.” The Elise carries on the founders mentality. While it may only have 190 horsepower, when you combine that with a 1900 lb curb weight and a superbly balanced chassis you end up with one of the quickest cars money can buy. The perfectly balanced mid-mounted Toyota motor ties a purpose built sports car with Japanese reliability.

The black powder-coated wheels were installed in December of 2014, less than 4,000 miles ago, a modification which really pops with the orange paint. With just around 20,000 miles and meticulous service records, this wonderful example is quite special and unmolested.

The car is primarily stock. A few tasteful upgrades have been added, such as the wheels mentioned above, rear spoiler, upgraded mirrors and later rear quarter vents. The prior owner preferred the look of these later black side vents and updated them. The key fob immobilizer and alarm has also be immobilized and now the remote only operates the central locks. I personally think this is a fantastic upgrade, as those immobilizers are annoying. I’m glad this one is gone. The flashing light you see on the dashboard in the video is meant to look like an alarm when the car is parked.

The car comes with Lotus trickle charger, sun visors and factory literature that came with the car as well as a factory service manual.

This is something a little different from us here at Bugeyeguy, but a sportscar that any enthusiast should consider. Check out all the pictures and the video below and don’t hesitate to email if you have any questions, and call or email for pricing!

Exceptional 1959 Austin Healey 2-seat 100/6 for sale! $59,995 for a restoration that cost a lot more!

We sold this gorgeous Healey last year to a great client in Maryland, who has now asked us to sell it for him on consignment. It’s a fantastic car so we are happy to offer it to again! He is a collector with multiple cars so this one hasn’t moved much since we had it last, he put less than 500 miles on the car so it is still in tip top shape and ready for a new owner!

We have serviced and improved this car since you saw it last and now it is completely sorted and outstanding in every way. We have replaced the hydraulic parts prone to wear, rebuilt the carburetors, repaired the heater and replaced the wheels and tires with new painted 72-spoke wire wheels and Vredestein Sprint Classic tires (the former 48-spoke chrome wire wheels are pictured).

This is BN6L 2795, fully restored and very useable with the correct original matching engine.  As you might have seen in prior posts, I am partial to the two-seat big Healeys, like this one. The two seaters are just more elemental, more authentic, more sporting, more clean. This one was extremely well-restored and drives beautifully! Spend five minutes with this car in the video below… (and click the “read more” text below the video to see the photo album!)

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1965 Austin Healey 3000 for sale-1 owner/just 39k miles! New Video!

Available for $39,995.

This car is a remarkable time capsule. Fifty years ago this past October, this BJ8 was purchased for $2835. Just a $25 deposit and $3 registration fee was all that was needed!


I purchased this 1965 3000 mk III (hbj8L 28548) from the husband of the original owner, who I met at the Healey club Enclave in Gettysburg this past summer. He had driven the car there from the Poconos with the intention of selling it. I have three big Healey already in my small collection–I love these cars–and could not resist purchasing such an interesting example. He told me the history of the car and shared with me the original bill of sale, as well as some pictures of the car throughout their 50 years of ownership.
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