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Currently NINE great prepared Bugeyes are in stock and ready for delivery to your door!

Other great classics too!

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1958 Excellent Restored Leaf Green 1275 Bugeye Sprite for sale, “Luigi!”
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1959 Austin Healey Sprite, restored with automatic transmission! NEW VIDEO Test drive!
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1959 Bugeye Sprite driver with period Kellison nose!
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1959 Bugeye Sprite For sale: Best of the Best!
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1959 Custom 5-speed Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite for sale!
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1959 Restored Bugeye Sprite for sale- VIDEO @ 70MPH! Five-speed, 1275 engine, disc brakes, wire wheels and more!
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1960 Bugeye Sprite driving project for sale!
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1960 Bugeye Sprite for sale-The Bees Knees!
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1960 Bugeye Sprite for sale, exceptional and beautifully restored!
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1974 MGB GT for sale- One of the best values in classic cars today!
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1978 911 SC Targa for sale with 65k miles!
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Excellent 1960 Austin Healey 3000 Mark 1 BT7 for sale

2005 Porsche 911 S 6-speed for sale with just 7200 miles!

NOW ON DEPOSIT- Congratulations Lin!

Bugeyes and Porsches go together quite nicely. Many of our English car customers over the years have also collected 911s of all vintages and Porsches often make a cameo appearance in conversations with our customers. My dad had three different 911s while I was a kid, which left a life-long imprint on me too. Thus it seems only natural to list this car here, in case some of our Bugeye lovers would also like to add a nearly new Porsche to their stable.

It’s hard not to love this car. It is lightning fast, handles amazingly well, has tons of style, and is beautifully crafted. It’s also extremely comfortable for people of all shapes and sizes, fully adjustable and easy to drive with excellent visibility (not the case with all my mid-engined supercar favorites-most have next to no rearward visibility). This is a car you can comfortably drive fast or slow, and actually see outward sufficiently to parallel park it when you are done.

This is a spectacular low mileage and immaculate example, which has been proven to be the best choice in any category if you are looking for investment grade vehicle. Prices for all 911s have been very strong of late. A great low mileage 997 would seem a smart investment that you can enjoy as it appreciates.

I am selling this car for the estate of deceased original owner, a car collector who also had a Bugeye (which I bought). This car has under 7200 miles and is immaculate in every way. The car looks and feels like a brand new Porsche and still smells like new leather (it has the full supple leather option, see window sticker below). The battery is new (from May of 2017). Everything else is original to the car, it hasn’t needed anything. (remember, it only has 7200 miles). The Porsche dealer in Hartford (Hoffman) has serviced the car. It has had a few oil changes (last one at 3580 miles) and the “purge fan” recall done but has mostly just sat in the heated warehouse of a collector with many vehicles and motorcycles.

There was one scrape on the front bumper cover from a garage mishap, so I had the front bumper cover repainted last month to bring the bumper cover back up to the as new condition of the rest of the car. It’s now perfect with no curb scrapes underneath, and no scratches or stone chips. The paint matches perfectly. The seat bolsters shows no wear, as you would expect from such a low mileage car.

If you like low mileage nearly new Porsches, you’ll love this one, it’s hard to walk away from this car without admiring it over your shoulder. The vin number is WPOAB29935S741315. The engine number is M97/0168504777

Check out the photos, and feel free to call for more information. The car is priced at $49,995

64K mile 1971 Volvo P1800E for sale, overdrive!


This Volvo P1800 #184363034961 has just 64,000 miles and drives wonderfully, with a four speed transmission, aftermarket sunroof and factory electric overdrive. It has the original engine and fuel injection, and starts and runs beautifully. It was driven sporadically by the last owner who had the car since about 2000, when receipts place mileage at about 60,000. Thus the car has traveled just 4000 miles in the last 17 years. All service records are included since that time and the car was maintained with no expense spared to keep the car in excellent mechanical shape. Note the recent new front brake calipers and brake lines.

I bought this car for my personal collection. It’s solid and I love the lines of this striking and unusual classic. I just haven’t had time to enjoy it, and since I need the space, I have decided to pass this one on to someone who enjoy it.

The car was repainted dark green over the original code 104 turquoise. The paint is very good and shines beautifully. Chrome and trim is also in very nice condition. The engine bay is very clean and the underside is nice and solid. Overdrive works nicely. This car is a lot of fun to drive.

This car presents beautifully! The interior would be the next place to invest in restoration, although it is quite serviceable as is. There are a few cracks in replacement ABS dash board cover, so one might remove the dash and recover it with the original pad, which is easily available. The seats and foam are also older, which makes this car a candidate for seat restoration. All those interior parts are readily available from vintage Volvo parts specialists.

The exterior of the car looks so good and it runs so well, in many ways this is the ideal car that allows you to restore the interior at your own pace while you enjoy it. Or drive it as is, but either way, the body is nice and the car looks great. The price is $16,495. I can’t think of many classic cars this unique, this head-turning, (with overdrive and fuel injection) for this price!

Call or email with questions!

73 TR6 for sale, thousands spent on recent restoration!

NOW SOLD, congratulations Tom! !

This is a really nice 1973 Triumph Tr6, #CF676U. Engine number is CF823UE. We’ve known this car for a while and we’ve done restoration service work totaling more than $8000 on this car. Tires, carpet and a host of other parts are brand new. Previous owners have spent thousands as well, all documented in a giant stack of receipts that will travel with the car.

Included in the file are receipts documenting the engine was rebuild in 1989. The machining and engine parts receipts are included. In 1993 the bodywork and paint was done. So the car was easy to buy when it was offered to me, when the owner decided to get a new boat. It’s a great driver that looks great, with lots of new interior parts too. Odometer stopped working recently; the car shows 51,074 miles on the clock.

Most recently, we replaced the clutch with the best one available (“magic clutch”), as well as the master and slave cylinder. Rear springs, all shocks and all hydraulics are new too.

The car is fully sorted; call if you are looking for a great driver for your summer, at a great price!

Stunning 1969 MGC for sale, original colors, matching engine, low mileage, price reduced!

1969 MGC

New Price-$29,995!

This is my personal MGC. It has the original engine as confirmed by British Heritage Motor Trust. “Engine number recorded for chassis number G-CN1-U/4357-G is 29GA-RU-H/1499 and the colour is Black with black interior trim and a black soft top.”

The C is a delightful high-speed cruiser. She has a wonderful 145 HP big Healey based 2.9 liter seven main bearing six cylinder engine stuffed under the hood, along with twin brake boosters and torsion bar suspension and 15 inch wheels (instead of the B’s 14s) and electric overdrive. It’s a rare car with delightful bulges in its original aluminum bonnet. For comparison purposes, a 1969 MGB was advertised with just 91 Horsepower.
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1963 Austin Healey Sprite Mark II restoration project for sale, with 1098 engine and disk brakes

This is the perfect project for anyone looking for an easy build of a simple car. The hard work is already done. Thousands were spent on bodywork and paint. Now the project is ready for assembly by the right party.

This MK 2 Sprite (HAN7L 30093) is a later mark 2 Sprite with disk brakes, rib case transmission and a 1098 engine. All the original Mark 2 Sprites (HAN6) were upgraded in October of 1962 at car #24732 and hence this HAN7 is a 63 model. The car was a rotisserie project that stalled due to illness and has sat for a while.

The paint job is excellent. The car shines beautifully. It was painted at least five years ago and there are no blisters or imperfections showing-a great sign. There is no evidence of any issues with panel and/or rust repair that was done when the car was repainted. It was done right. The only sin I can see that was committed during body restoration was a failure to degrease the interior floor pans prior to paint (you can see this paint on the top of the floor pans now flaking off due to improper prep). But this is no indication of the quality of the external job elsewhere, where it counts. The underside floors, for example, were properly prepared and the paint is adhering perfectly. The new owner can easily scrape the interior floor pans, degrease and paint. They will ultimately be covered with carpet anyway.

Many new and used parts are included. All new front disk brake components are also installed on both front wheels. Panel gaps are quite good. Whether you build a performance Sprite or a correct restoration, this is an excellent platform!
A used 1098 engine as well as a used rib case transmission core are included. I was told the engine was rebuilt, but you should presume both engine and transmission will need a rebuild.

The car comes with a clear title. It would cost thousands to prepare and paint a Sprite to this level! Please call if you would like to make this car your own!

MGTD Barn Find for sale-sitting for 35 years!

NOW SOLD and heading to Maryland! Congratulations John!

This 1952 MGTD (TD 21176) has been parked in a garage in Pennsylvania since 1982. The prior owner acquired it in 1975, rebuilt the engine in 1976, used it regularly, and then health issues caused him to park it exactly where it sat for the next 35 years. We recently freed up the brakes (she now rolls easily), brought it to our shop, drained the old fuel, changed the oil, lubricated the cylinder walls, established oil pressure and started it up. The car is is ready for mechanical freshening to make it a wonderful driver once again.

She’ll require all new hydraulic and rubber cooling system parts to come back to life. The fuel tank will need to be cleaned-out or replaced to ensure a good fuel supply. The bias ply tires are old and need replacement. The door hinges need work. So there is work to do.

But there is something quite magical about this car, just as it sits. It has just the right patina, with an older inexpensive respray in off-white that looks just fine. The interior is mostly original, including what appears to be the original vinylide dash covering and the original now decayed steering wheel (reproductions of these are available). The seats too look just right and overall, this car has time-warp appeal. It’s the kind of car you can drive without worry, while still impressing everyone as you go. There is something very attractive about this kind of ride.

The underside is excellent. There is no rust. This has been a dry car. There are a few nicks and scratches in the paint, but the structure of the car is exceptionally solid. Maybe that’s why this car feels, to me anyway, just about right.

The top is good and so are the four piece side curtains! Lots of documentation is also included.

Call or email if you would like to take this MGTD home!