What color Bugeye is your favorite? We have a nice solid Bugeye we are painting and have thought a lot about making it a bit unconventional, with a semi gloss black finish. We’d carry it through with black powder-coated cockpit trim and grill, for a look more Batmobile than Bugeye. How do you feel about experimenting with Bugeye colors? Remember, when new, these cars only came in leaf green, iris blue, olde english white, carrington beige and cherry red. Dark green was also available in 1959. Normally, we try to keep the colors true to the original cars… but it’s fun to experiment, and we think flat black would look really cool. If you were to buy a bugeye, what color would you choose? Please post your comments below! (click on the post title above to open up the comment box) Check out the flat black lotus beneath the video-that’s the look we are contemplating for this car…

If you like this look on the Lotus, our guess is that you'll love it on a Bugeye…

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