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1958 Excellent Restored Leaf Green Bugeye Sprite for sale, “Luigi!”
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1959 Austin Healey Sprite, restored with automatic transmission!
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1959 Restored Bugeye Sprite for sale-with overdrive five-speed, 1275 engine, disc brakes, wire wheels and more!
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59 Bugeye Sprite driver with period Kellison nose!
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60 Bugeye Sprite driver for sale, “Booker”
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64K mile 1971 Volvo P1800E for sale, overdrive!
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Excellent 1960 Bugeye Sprite driver for sale!
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For sale: One 1959 Bugeye Sprite in a bubble
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R&T 1959 Restored black plate Bugeye Sprite for sale
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Stunning 1969 MGC for sale, original colors, matching engine, low mileage, price reduced!
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Sweet 1959 Austin Healey Bugeyed Sprite for sale!

Why you can’t put a 948 oil pan on a 1275 engine and other Bugeye sorting tips.

We are far from perfect. We don’t have an unlimited budget on every project, and sometimes, clients elect to decline certain repairs we feel are needed. So we can’t fix everything on every single car. And sometimes this old stuff breaks, no matter who worked on it last.

This week though, we started working on a car that a client purchased online and sent here for sorting. There were a few interesting surprises on this one that we share so that others might not make the same mistakes.

First, downshifting into second was nasty when we got the car, it was nearly impossible to downshift without grinding. We removed the engine to change the gearbox to a new rebuilt unit and found that this was a rebuilt transmission that had been trashed because synthetic oil was used instead of the recommended 20/50 conventional oil. I believe that synthetic oil prevents the synchros from doing their job and thus the gears get trashed, quickly. So make sure you use the right oil.

In addition, the oil pan was leaking, as was the rear main seal. All these cars leak, but this one was outside the norm. We removed the pan and found massive amounts of RTV sealant, cleaned it up, put on new gaskets and a rear main seal kit as well. When we started it back up, we could hear something was terribly wrong. It sounded like the rods were scraping the pan. And when we removed the pan, sure enough, they were! You can see the four vertical scribes in the metal near the top lip of the pan. Turns out you CAN fit a 948 pan to a 1275 if you use enough goop.

We changed to a 1275 pan and fixed the problem. You should be able to see the four marks in the photo of the oil pan where the rods were hitting

Every month I get calls from people who say something like, “I wish I had bought my British car from you, I got one online, and it needed a lot of sorting and it’s still not right.” This blue car looked inexpensive online, but lots of repairs are still needed.

Proper installation of door seals on Bugeye Sprites

Here’s a very handsome interior on a car we have restored completely. It’s great because of dozens of nice details done right, and one of those details that matters a lot is the door seals.

Most door seals are cut too short. In the video here, you can see why and the proper way to terminate your door seal.

Chopped door gaskets fray and make the car look shabby. The factory had this figured out, and terminated the seals under the dash in front and under the rear panel in back. We sell a kit with a seal long enough to terminate under the dashboard and behind the seats, as shown in the pictures here. You can order the kit by clicking here. And you can see still pictures of the proper ends in the pictures below.

Coming of age Bugeye Sprite

Gumby is now complete, and ready for the Lime Rock Concours coming on Sunday September 3. I hope to see you at that great event!

Now that we have have ironed-out the rough edges, I had a delightful driving afternoon yesterday running errands. I made a short video (below) so you can perhaps feel the way this fuel injected custom Sprite pulls through the gears. The car has perhaps 85 horsepower which feels like plenty. The car wants to rev, and rewards the driver with a seductive increase in power as the RPMs rise and the cross flow head and roller rockers start to sing. This is not a stock 1275.

And after dinner on this particular warm night, I was reminded of the many night time drives I have enjoyed in this car. Each summer since 1979, this car has been there for me, a partner as we cut through the night air.

This car is the product of hundreds of hours of restoration work. Once it was done, then the fine tuning began, and with a new (and untested for us) cross-flow four-port injected head, a lot of computer-based fine tuning on the laptop was required.

This is a major paradigm shift for all of us who grew up around (worn) SU carbs. We are of the club that is accustomed to richening or leaning a flat after a drive. We know how to hold a piece of rubber hose next to our ear to synchronize our carbs. And we know all about which particular extra virgin olive oil works best in our carburetor dashpots.

Here is a car that has none of that, no dashpot tops to tighten, no carburetors to leak, no rotor to crack and arc, an electronic box tells the injectors what to do. For those into modern cars, this is a so painfully obvious and normal, but having lived with this car through High School with the most-mismatched-wrong jet-leaking throttle shaft SUs on the planet, it is a bit odd to have my old friend powered by such a power plant high tech.

To get this configuration to work, you best need find someone who grew up with a cell phone, not a Unisyn in his pocket… someone who thinks Suburu WRX when he hears the word “Bugeye,” someone who can operate a video game controller while simultanteously posting pictures on Instagram and commenting on a friend’s facebook post. We were lucky enough to find this person and add him to our team. He’s about 30 year younger than the rest of us, but we like him just the same, particularly since he was quite adept at massaging the fuel map for Gumby and making this car purr.

With laptop plugged into the ECU, Doug and I spent a few hours driving around town, me finding the stumbly spots and holding it there, with Doug keying in the adjustments to the fuel flow for that particular throttle setting and RPM. Gradually, we ironed out the kinks. Not one fingernail was dirtied. Our biggest challenge was keeping the laptop battery from running out.

There is something distinctly un-old british car about this process. It flies in the face of everything we do on a routine basis, we didn’t even have to open the bonnet during our two-hour tuning session! The plug for the laptop lives in the passenger footwell… that’s all we needed.

There is also something spectualar about this process. It’s clean! It lasts! It works! It’s infinitely adjustable! And it represents one more way we can power and further develop the cars that we love so much.

A few years ago we built a Concours Gold Bugeye, with all the right parts and pieces to satisfy four judges during a two-hour judging marathon. That was one kind of extreme Bugeye, extremely accurate and authentic. This Bugeye is equally extreme, and completely different. It has been a privilege to have an opportunity to build both. We look forward to continuing to apply what we have learned to the next car. Whether stock or modified, maybe the next one will be yours!

Bugeyeguy-Ten Year Anniversary Celebration-Sale!

Wow, what a fast-paced ride!

We never imagined when we started Bugeyeguy in 2007 that we would sell 207 Bugeyes in the next ten years (which we believe to be more than anyone has ever sold). Or that we would become a national service center with cars coming to us from all over the country for upgrades and modifications. Or that we would build Caitlyn Jenner’s Bugeye, perhaps the most publicized Sprite in modern times. Our national gold concours car was perhaps the most difficult and fulfilling project. Fuel injected cars have broadened our skills. Custom leather work and stitching is now routine in our Quonset hut loft. Our catalog provides a great resource for brand new and long-time Bugeye owners worldwide. Our YouTube videos have been viewed almost two million times.

Thank you!

It has been a great adventure. And we are excited about what lies ahead.
Our new foundation for our back yard addition is finished. Soon our new building will be erected and we will have more space to be of service. Let’s celebrate with some great deals on a few of the classics we have in stock:

NOW SOLD for $15,495! Congratulations Tom! We’ll be sending this one to San Diego! 1973 Triumph TR6-I’ve further reduced the price of this great Triumph -This is a killer deal on a car that has had thousands spent by the last owner, from new interior pieces to a brand new clutch, you can’t go wrong with this classic car that never goes out of style

1969 MGC-Price reduced to $29,995… It’s rare that I sell cars from my personal collection-remember, this is a car that I kept for four years because it is such a rare find in terms of rarity, uniqueness, originality, condition and color combination! I have the chance to keep lots of cars, and only hold the best of the best. This is one of those examples, which I am selling to make space as we transition into our new facility. Someone is going to get a great deal on a very interesting classic car, with roll-up windows and overdrive!

NOW SOLD and heading to Virginia, Congratulations Dave! 1963 Austin Healey Sprite-Price reduced to $4,995. Another killer deal-this is a complete kit with all the hard body work and rust repair complete. Thousands were spent upgrading the front brakes to disk and laying-on an excellent paint job. This is a fun project ready to ship. If you are looking for a mechanical assembly project, this is worth serious consideration, with all the dirty grinding, sanding and bodywork already done, and done well!

1971 Volvo 1800E-Price reduced to $16,495. Click to enlarge the new photo at left-no scratches or dings, very shiny, strong paint work. I never get tired of looking at the unique shape of the 1800, I love the rear fins and the lines of this car. There’s nothing quite like it anywhere on the road. This is a lot of classic for the money. It runs beautifully with fuel injection, the overdrive works every time and this car looks fantastic in British Racing Green. I am seeing great sale numbers on these cars in the marketplace but more importantly, I can’t believe the market for these will ever go down, so here’s a chance to own a very interesting car with minimal (if any) downside, and great potential upside.

Call if you want to take one of these home! We can help ship any car right to your door!

Excellent 1960 Bugeye Sprite driver for sale!

Now available for $21,900.

We have a nice new Bugeye for sale this week, very well sorted, very well put together, a car you can buy with confidence and enjoy right away. It comes with a new clutch and great documentation of a long list of recent maintenance and repairs.

This is not the norm with British cars purchased online. For example, we just helped a client purchase a Bugeye that had been listed online. It was marketed as “perfect,” with a rebuilt transmission, but I was not able to downshift into second on my first drive of that car because of worn synchros. Only a transmission rebuild will fix this… of course this is not what a new owner wants to hear. We’ll fix it for the new owner, but with Mitchell the red Bugeye you see here, you don’t need to worry. This car is really fun to drive and a perfect choice for anyone looking for a nice Bugeye at a reasonable price.

Mitchell spent the last few years in Maryland with a customer of ours who took great care of this car, and now he traded for an MGTD. I was impressed driving this car that it came back with a very short punch list. Everything works really nicely and you can drive this car anywhere.

The 948 engine we upgraded a few thousand miles ago with a larger 1098 head with hardened valve seats and new valves, springs and guides. Drum brakes are fit all around, and they work beautifully, with a firm pedal and excellent braking action.

The underside is quite clean. The carpet is a bit weathered-we can replace that if the new owner so desires-but otherwise the car looks great in the original cherry red that came on the car (it has been repainted once).

The tan tonneau looks great, as does the nearly new tan top. Nearly new windows are also included, and both top and windows come in nice protective bags.

Give a call if you would like more information about Mitchell. He’s available for $21,900 and will be a joy to own.


64K mile 1971 Volvo P1800E for sale, overdrive!

REDUCED! Now available for $16,495!

This Volvo P1800 #184363034961 has just 64,000 miles and drives wonderfully, with a four speed transmission, aftermarket sunroof and factory electric overdrive. It has the original engine and fuel injection, and starts and runs beautifully. It was driven sporadically by the last owner who had the car since about 2000, when receipts place mileage at about 60,000. Thus the car has traveled just 4000 miles in the last 17 years. All service records are included since that time and the car was maintained with no expense spared to keep the car in excellent mechanical shape. Note the recent new front brake calipers and brake lines.

I bought this car for my personal collection. It’s solid and I love the lines of this striking and unusual classic. I just haven’t had time to enjoy it, and since I need the space, I have decided to pass this one on to someone who enjoy it.

The car was repainted dark green over the original code 104 turquoise. The paint is very good and shines beautifully. Chrome and trim is also in very nice condition. The engine bay is very clean and the underside is nice and solid. Overdrive works nicely. This car is a lot of fun to drive.

This car presents beautifully! The interior would be the next place to invest in restoration, although it is quite serviceable as is. There are a few cracks in replacement ABS dash board cover, so one might remove the dash and recover it with the original pad, which is easily available. The seats and foam are also older, which makes this car a candidate for seat restoration. All those interior parts are readily available from vintage Volvo parts specialists.

The exterior of the car looks so good and it runs so well, in many ways this is the ideal car that allows you to restore the interior at your own pace while you enjoy it. Or drive it as is, but either way, the body is nice and the car looks great. The price is $16,495. I can’t think of many classic cars this unique, this head-turning, (with overdrive and fuel injection) for this price!

Call or email with questions!