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1958 Excellent Restored Leaf Green 1275 Bugeye Sprite for sale, “Luigi!”
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1959 Austin Healey Sprite, restored with automatic transmission! NEW VIDEO Test drive!
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1959 Custom 5-speed Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite for sale!
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1959 Restored Bugeye Sprite for sale- VIDEO @ 70MPH! Five-speed, 1275 engine, disc brakes, wire wheels and more!
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1960 Bugeye Sprite driving project for sale!
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1978 911 SC Targa for sale with 65k miles!
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59 Bugeye Sprite driver with period Kellison nose!
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60 Bugeye Sprite driver for sale, “Booker”
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Excellent 1960 Austin Healey 3000 Mark 1 BT7 for sale
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Excellent two-owner 1959 Bugeye Sprite driver for sale! Price reduced!
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Exceptional 1960 Bugeye Sprite for sale, beautifully restored!
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For sale: One of the best 1959 Bugeye Sprites you can buy.
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Great 1959 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite driver for sale
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Great 1959 Bugeye Sprite for sale-Shiny driver!

Great 1959 Bugeye Sprite for sale-Shiny driver!

“Marco” (AN5L 15432) is a 1959 Bugeye and a very nice Sprite that feels just right, with an exceptionally shiny paint job on a very straight and unmolested body. I purchased this car from a friend who has collected Bugeyes all his life. He has had this car for more than 20 years and had it painted about five years ago. The car shines beautifully. He had four Bugeyes when I met him, and none of them were used very much, so this car has been mostly sitting for the past 20 or more years.

Marco is fit with a 1275 engine and HS2 carbs, with a larger throat than the original H1 carbs that would come with a 948 engine. The 1275 is quick and the car is a joy to drive. Brakes are drum all around, and stop the car nicely.

We’ve just lowered the rear with our shim kit to make the car look level and we have also fit our ignition guillotine to better secure the ignition switch to the dashboard. Great lifetime K&N air filter elements are also fit in the stock air filter housings. We refreshed the brakes and replaced the rear flexible brake line.

Marco’s restoration is not brand new, and it doesn’t need to be. You might say this car looks like a much more expensive freshly restored car, without the extra cost–it’s an extremely nice driver. We’ve put in brand new carpet and panels so the interior looks great. The seats are a bit older, but still have plenty of life.

The car comes with an older top that will get you home in the event of sudden shower. Also included are aluminum side curtains that need restoration but are the correct aluminum original type. The car would look stunning with a tan top and tonneau, which we can fit on the car if so desired by the new owner.

You’ll see more than 50 photos by clicking read more. Call if you would like us to ship Marco to your door! [Read more…]

Bugeye Sprite dashboard fitting template

There is a sea of fittings on this car-are they in the right place? (yes, this car has a short tonneau, and these are the proper fittings…)

Top and tonneau fittings are an ongoing issue on Bugeyes. Holes are left open on some cars, new holes are drilled in the wrong place, and in general, the factory fittings and placements are getting lost. This is such a common issue that we have made a series of templates to help people locate the proper holes.

This new template is for the dashboard specifically, which originally held three lift dot fittings for both the short and long tonneaus. That template joins the others that we sell in our Bugeyeguyparts catalog, to help people drill the correct holes on the back deck too. You can see a video about dash fittings below, part of our commitment to help people get their holes in the right places!

You can order a dash template by clicking here.

Who drives Bugeye Sprites?

Heather brought us her Bugeye this week for sorting-she bought it online, and it’s not as sure-footed as she would like-we’ll fix it, and extract that last 20% to make this nice car into a spectacular driver!

Of note: this is the first Bugeye we’ve ever had delivered in a horse trailer.

It’s the first time a Bugeye ever came to us with it’s own custom satin sheets and pajamas.

It’s also the first time anyone ever dressed-up after dropping off their car (actually she was heading to a concert).

We’ll take her new purchase and fix the various rattles and noises, and upgrade the interior cosmetics, and then back into the horse trailer it goes for the trip home!

Thank you Heather, for the opportunity to make your car great!

1978 911 SC Targa for sale with 65k miles!

So many British car owners we meet confess they also love air-cooled 911s. I was lucky to have a dad who loved these cars, so I love them too and I’m always on the lookout for good ones. I bought this car as part of a larger collection, and I have been holding this 1978 911SC for about four years in my own small collection but I am not using it and it’s time to send it to a new home.

This car is unspoiled and feels like a time capsule. Everything is as it was when it left the factory, except the steering wheel, which is a very nice and high-quality “Dino” brand replacement. Coco mats help evoke the spirit of the era, as does the distinctive and simple mechanical targa top. By the way, have you seen the current 911 targa tops in operation? The entire rear window lifts up automatically and a motorized assemblage of levers and arms moves the top into the back of the car. It’s an engineering marvel, and I shudder to think of the repair costs down the road.

This is not that.

This is a top removed by flipping two levers. The top assembly easily collapses to fit in the trunk. Simple. From another era.

In fact, the window mechanism is also simple, this is a wind-up window car without factory A/C. In the engine bay you can see the air pump bracket, which we removed when we last serviced the car, because it was in the way and no longer connected anyway. I have saved all the pieces in a box to travel with the car.

Included are the two factory sales brochures from 1978, which verify the accuracy of this example (see photo album below). When you get into this car, the factory shag carpet and colors stand out because this seems nothing like modern automotive color palettes. When did you last see a dark brown car? For me, that’s what makes this car particularly special.

Turn the key and iconic round warning lights come to life. (These are the same lights I would see in the ’69 911S my dad once owned- this car gets you that look and feel without breaking the bank). I have a 1997 993 as well, and that car’s square warning lights (and there are a lot of them) just don’t as beautifully convey the soul of a 911. This dashboard is much more reminiscent of the older cars, which is one reason I love this vintage so much–more affordable, but still with the heritage and feel of the early 911s.

This car certainly seems to have spent much of it’s life garaged, the dashboard and gauges are great, they are not sun-faded or worn and there are no cracks in the dashboard. Thus the car looks much it would have in 1978. The interior is excellent.

The car comes with a notebook full of receipts and information from the prior owner, including the Porsche COA as shown. It was repainted once and shines beautifully. Everything works (except the horn) and it’s a blast to drive. The transmission is excellent, with no complaints from the synchros and the gearbox is a joy, with easy downshifting.

We have done a bit of maintenance on this car during my four years of ownership. We added a new premium Deka battery two years ago. We changed one rear wheel bearing and rebuilt both front calipers. We adjusted the valves, put in new gaskets, changed the injectors, air filter, plugs, wires, cap and rotor, as well as the oil, which has few miles on it since. New tires will be mounted this coming week.

This car has the original engine, as verified by the pictured Porsche COA (see photos below). The timing chain tensioners were upgraded by the former owner about ten years ago. Receipts are included.

The car is a blast to drive! $34,995. Click “more” to see photo album! [Read more…]

1960 Bugeye Sprite driving project for sale!

This is a Bugeye we call “Blimey!”and it’s available for just $8,995, a price that leaves you plenty of dough to work on the restoration. This is a great entry level Bugeye you can use and enjoy while you restore it.

It’s a 948 powered drum brake equipped driving project, with a rib case transmission and larger HS2 carbs from a later Sprite. The car was originally purchased from Baker Motor Co. in Atlanta and has had three owners over the last 35 years. The last owner (for 28 years) has driven the car 20,000 miles in that time. I bought it from that long-term owner in Georgia.

The car has a good body and reminds me of the way Gumby looked when I got that car 38 years ago-primed and a little bumpy. Patches have been welded in place through the years and the foundation is there for the next owner to get ready for paint.

The foot wells are good. Floor repair is needed to keep the project moving to the next level-there is some rust-through, primarily in the center of the car (see pictures), but you can drive the car and enjoy it as it sits (as the last owner did for the past 28 years!).

The car comes with a good top, top bow and side curtains you can restore at your leisure. Seats are in good shape, from a later Midget, and come with headrests.

It’s a Bugeye with a lot of potential that won’t break the bank. Call if you would like more information!


1959 Custom 5-speed Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite for sale!


This is a great Bugeye for anyone looking for a modified car that has wonderful improvements for putting on the miles. “Susan,” is fit with front disc brakes, an upgraded 1275 engine, five-speed overdrive transmission and brand new tires on recent Minilight wheels. She is also fit with a spin-on oil filter kit and electronic ignition in a new distributor.

This is a great package and we’ve just gone back through this car and made it even better. We’ve adjusted the rear ride height to make it look right and we’ve also replaced the fuel tank with a new one and repaired the fuel gauge. We’ve also put on proper ignition wires. Now the car is ready to go!

Interior is non-stock, with more comfortable seats and a nice wood dash, with all new gauges. It’s a nice look if you are looking for a fast driver and don’t care about if the car is factory correct (remember, while there is a strong market for all original cars, there is an equally strong market for well-modified ones…). This cars’ modifications, and the new five speed transmission, were done about 4000 miles ago.

The car also has a flip-forward bonnet, which makes engine access a breeze. It’s nicely retrofit with hydraulic bonnet struts to hold the nose up while opened.

We’ve fixed a number of issues to get it ready for a new home. We’ve changed the carb needles and seats, put in new jet needles and tuned the engine. We’ve also re-sealed the rear hubs, put in a new master cylinder and changed the fuel filter. The car also sports an upgraded alternator and anti-theft battery cut-out switch, shown under the hood.
The car has been de-seamed. The beading on top of the fenders has been removed, which gives the car a cleaner and sleeker look. I really like this effect- It makes the car look sleeker and more upscale. This particular job is well-executed.

This car has been autographed by Sprite rally-great John Sprinzel, you can see his signature on the inner fender under the hood. Nice top and sidecurtains are included, as well as a good tonneau. The top and windows come in nice padded pouches as shown.

Give a call or email if you want to make this car your own! It’s great fun to drive, and looks great too!