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1958 Excellent Restored Leaf Green Bugeye Sprite for sale, “Luigi!”
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1959 Austin Healey Sprite, restored with automatic transmission!
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1960 Bugeye Sprite for sale,”Carmine,” Striking & Supercharged!
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1960 Restored Bugeye Sprite for sale, “Palmer,” stock and sorted!
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1960 Striking restored Bugeye Sprite for sale, “Gibbs!”
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1963 Austin Healey Sprite Mark II restoration project for sale, with 1098 engine and disk brakes
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59 Bugeye Sprite driver with period Kellison nose!
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60 Bugeye Sprite driver for sale, “Booker”
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64K mile 1971 Volvo P1800E for sale, overdrive!
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73 TR6 for sale, excellent driver, thousands spent on restoration!
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Stunning 1969 MGC for sale, original colors, matching engine, low mileage, price reduced!

1958 Excellent Restored Leaf Green Bugeye Sprite for sale, “Luigi!”

This is “Luigi,” (AN5L 3057). The car is fully restored and ready for a great summer with a new owner.

This is an early thin windshield 1958 car, notice also the factory gusset in the rocker panel under the door, and the early style windshield wiper motor top, visible under the bonnet, all rare features original to this vintage. These are a few of the details found on the first few thousand Bugeyes built in 1958. (Windshield frames changed at about car #5200 through the end of the production run). Early cars are getting more and more rare. Thus Luigi is a very special Bugeye!

Luigi is a fitting name since I just returned from a great trip to Italy, but the car was actually named Luigi by Perry, the former owner, pictured here. He has cared lovingly for this car for the past several years. He brought the car here from Canada for a major service a few years ago, and drove the car less than 200 miles since (near his home in Montreal). While he loved the car, he decided to sell it so someone else can enjoy it. The new speedo we installed a few years back now reads just 161 miles.

The car features a strong 948 engine with many upgrades, including lifetime K and N air filters and better (bigger) HS2 1.25 inch carburettors. I’ll post a list here next week of other features, or call to discuss. There is a nice tonneau included (see picture) as well as additional new side curtains and a good top. There’s also a binder full of receipts and history. We’ll get a top up picture posted shortly.

The interior is leather, the finish is excellent and the car drives beautifully–everything works. We just changed the front brake wheel cylinders to service the brake system. I have driven this car quite a bit over this month and it is ready to go.

The “Frogari” stickers on the A pillars look great and will come off easily if the new owner desires. They are not hiding anything and were put there strictly for decoration. We should also be able to remove the Calgary event plaque on the dashboard if the new owner prefers (the car was restored in Calgary before Perry bought it). We can work out any cosmetic revisions with the new owner, but the car looks great as it sits. Another nice cosmetic (non-stock) touch is the chrome wheel trim rings.

Cheers Perry! Thanks for taking such good care of this great Frogeye!


Stunning 1969 MGC for sale, original colors, matching engine, low mileage, price reduced!

1969 MGC

New Price-$32,995!

This is my personal MGC. It has the original engine as confirmed by British Heritage Motor Trust. “Engine number recorded for chassis number G-CN1-U/4357-G is 29GA-RU-H/1499 and the colour is Black with black interior trim and a black soft top.”

The C is a delightful high-speed cruiser. She has a wonderful 145 HP big Healey based 2.9 liter seven main bearing six cylinder engine stuffed under the hood, along with twin brake boosters and torsion bar suspension and 15 inch wheels (instead of the B’s 14s) and electric overdrive. It’s a rare car with delightful bulges in its original aluminum bonnet. For comparison purposes, a 1969 MGB was advertised with just 91 Horsepower.
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Bugeye Sprite custom interior tour, “Gumby.”

Gumby got first place on the first day out. It was a small Sprite class at this years’ British by the Sea, but nonetheless a nice acknowledgment of the hard work that went into this build. Lots of people wanted to see more so I made a video of the interior details that were unique to this custom tribute Super Sprite. Which you can see below.

Gumby represents a custom interpretation of what a Bugeye Sprite can be. It was particularly exciting for us to make this car after our last similarly massive project of building a gold concours all stock and all accurate Councours car. If you missed that, car AN5L 552 was a Concours project we built for the national Healey conclave, which made Gold standard after two hours of judging by a team of four judges. 552 and Gumby were big undertakings and completely different kinds of projects. You might enjoy seeing the judges diligently inspect 552 in the short video below.

Several people asked if they could buy Gumby… it’s not for sale, will be with me for life, since I have had this car since 1979. But Gumby is a demonstration of what we can build and thus a model of what we would love to build for you! Feel free to give a call to discuss your dream Sprite build! From Concours to one-off, we would love to build it for you!

Our ultimate 1959 Bugeye Sprite “Gumby” is now complete!

Gumby’s rebirth is complete! This is our idea of the ultimate Bugeye.

For years we have been adding various accessories to these cars, to make them more user-friendly. With this car, we pushed the bar a whole lot higher, by building a completely custom leather interior with custom needlework. It’s our most elegant car yet. We used multiport fuel injection for smooth and reliable running, coupled with an A series 1275 engine to be authentic. Only the best materials were used to make this car a cut above the rest.

Gumby is not for sale… it’s my personal car that I have owned since high school. But this car is the template for future Super Sprites we will build. Please get in touch if we can make one for you!

Come see Gumby at the British by the Sea car show, this sunday June 4 at Harkness Park in Waterford, CT. It’s a 300 car all British show at a stunning location! You’ll have another chance to see Gumby at the Sunday in the Park Concours at Lime Rock Park on the Sunday of Labor day weekend. I hope to see you at one or both of these events!

Many thanks to the incredible team that meticulously assembled, acquired or crafted the components of this car. Thanks in particular to Russ P, Russ M, Kenny, Kilian, Martin, Ryan, Rob, Trevor, Josh and Ole. These ten people worked hard to uphold a very high standard to create this ultimate Bugeye Sprite and I am forever grateful to each of them!

1963 Austin Healey Sprite Mark II restoration project for sale, with 1098 engine and disk brakes

This is the perfect project for anyone looking for an easy build of a simple car. The hard work is already done. Thousands were spent on bodywork and paint. Now the project is ready for assembly by the right party.

This MK 2 Sprite (HAN7L 30093) is a later mark 2 Sprite with disk brakes, rib case transmission and a 1098 engine. All the original Mark 2 Sprites (HAN6) were upgraded in October of 1962 at car #24732 and hence this HAN7 is a 63 model. The car was a rotisserie project that stalled due to illness and has sat for a while.

The paint job is excellent. The car shines beautifully. It was painted at least five years ago and there are no blisters or imperfections showing-a great sign. There is no evidence of any issues with panel and/or rust repair that was done when the car was repainted. It was done right. The only sin I can see that was committed during body restoration was a failure to degrease the interior floor pans prior to paint (you can see this paint on the top of the floor pans now flaking off due to improper prep). But this is no indication of the quality of the external job elsewhere, where it counts. The underside floors, for example, were properly prepared and the paint is adhering perfectly. The new owner can easily scrape the interior floor pans, degrease and paint. They will ultimately be covered with carpet anyway.

Many new and used parts are included. All new front disk brake components are also installed on both front wheels. Panel gaps are quite good. Whether you build a performance Sprite or a correct restoration, this is an excellent platform!
A used 1098 engine as well as a used rib case transmission are included. I was told the engine was rebuilt, but you should presume both engine and transmission will need a rebuild.

The car comes with a clear title. It would cost thousands to prepare and paint a Sprite to this level! Please call if you would like to make this car your own!


The joyous resurgence of a Bugeye Sprite called Gumby

“Gumby” is coming together nicely. We are pushing to have the car ready to debut at the British by the Sea car show this coming June 4, in Waterford, Connecticut. At left, you can see the car secured to the dyno, as we finalize the tuning of the custom multi-port fuel injection system.

Performance wasn’t the only goal though, and with the resurrection of the Bugeye I purchased in high school, we set out to push the envelope and create the ultimate interior while echoing the original flavor and design. Our goal was to pay sufficient tribute to the heritage of the car, while adding elegance and style. We chose to add custom stitching throughout the interior, to upgrade the entire interior without going too far afield.

<It all started with a single cowhide, custom dyed in a dusty light green called “aloe thorn,” and embossed for additional texture. This is the custom color we chose to coordinate with the Aston Martin green and Mercedes silver paint that adorns the sheet metal on the car.

Here, Kenny maps out the components of the interior on the uncut leather, careful to ensure maximum yield.

Next Ken diagrammed the diamond designs we created, careful to ensure the the pattern was symmetrical and balanced. Here, you can see his design for the custom door pockets, which use the original components but accentuate the factory recesses with diamond stitching.

In this image, Kenny sews the contrasting stitching on the seat base to add detail. We were tempted to keep the original ribs normally seen on stock Bugeye seats. We considered adding diamond stitching to just a few of the ribs so that we retained more of the original look. But in the end, we chose to make the entire usually-ribbed center section into a diamond design. (Note, this is the same leather, only the lighting is different, so the color appears darker)

Ken made certain the diamond patterns would align once the seat bases and seat backs were united in their frames. Here, he carefully checks the patterns before he starts sewing. Next, you can see the seat backs completed, and laid out with the leather for the seat bases. Next, Ken made custom silver metallic piping, to match the stripes down the center of the car. Then he stretched the leather over new foam pieces, and with some additional tailoring, the covers and seats were complete and ready for installation.

The door pockets went in next, and then Kenny created custom green check straps to match the leather in the car, stitched with the same contrasting thread detail you would find on stock check straps. He then sewed a high grade German wool heel pad into the rubberized floor covering in the driver side footwell. He next affixed matching green panels onto the vertical surfaces of the car.

Below, the interior is nearly complete, after a good 50 hours of custom work above and beyond the normal time it takes to build an interior. The outstanding result is fitting for the car that inspired the creation of, and a beautiful acknowledgement of the now 204 Bugeyes that we would not have sold were it not for the inspiration Gumby gave us.

In 1979, I purchased this car for $1,100. It was dented and dinged, finished in primer gray. There were no floor coverings and the seats were covered in glossy metallic teal vinyl. The car was wired with lamp cord and the dashboard was perforated with multiple additional holes. Now, after ten years sitting un-restored in the Bugeyeguy warehouse, Gumby is back, with one of the nicest interiors in the Bugeye world. And this custom interior is merely the starting point for future custom interiors we build into “Super Sprites” in the years to come.

Many thanks to Ken Bugden for patiently executing this vision, and for bringing this sculptural interior to life.