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Since 1979, when he purchased his first 1959 Bugeye Sprite, “Gumby,” David Silberkleit has been passionate about these wonderful little cars. Throughout the intervening years, more and more people have asked David where they could get their own Bugeye, so he began locating and restoring Bugeyes for clients around America. In 2008, he started to focus on the restoration and sale of Bugeye Sprites (with other great British classic cars sprinkled in on occasion). has since become America’s largest Bugeye Sprite resource, as David and his team leverage decades of experience to prepare, modify and ship turnkey Bugeyes to customers worldwide.

Each year, the Bugeyeguys sift through hundreds of cars for sale and choose the best candidates to bring to Bugeye Central for reconditioning. Each car is thoroughly tested and evaluated.  Chronic issues are addressed with modern solutions.  Punch lists are created and then lovingly checked- off, as kinks are sorted-out and proven solutions are brought to bear. Cars are accessorized to meet the particular needs of new owners. And once complete, another Bugeye masterpiece is loaded into a trailer, bound for a residential garage just like yours.  Let him locate, restore and/or prepare your dream car just for you! operates from a large workshop in Branford,  Connecticut, minutes from Interstate 95 on the Connecticut shoreline, twelve miles East of New Haven. While the majority of customers choose their “new” Bugeye from pictures and video, visitors are always welcome at Bugeye Central!

Gumby gets a makeover in the video below:

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