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Sebring Sprite Driving Lights

These bonnet mounted driving lights have been popular with Bugeye Sprites, probably since the first endurance event that lasted into the night. You’ve seen them on Sebring Sprites, and on many other Bugeyes that have raced into the night.

I love how these look and I’m fitting them to my Bugeye “Gumby” during the current restoration. We’ve tried bumper mounted driving lights on other Bugeyes and while it is nice to avoid drilling holes in the body, it’s very difficult to fit the lights symmetrically to the natural depression in the nose of these cars when they are mounted on the bumper. By instead mounting them as shown, you can ensure they will fit perfectly in this recess. In fact, when you buy this lighting kit from us, we include a small template so you can properly pierce your (Bugeye) nose. Just one small hole is required on each side of the grill as shown in the video below.

Wiring is simple-on Gumby, I am using a two position pull switch on the dash to activate the lights (available separately). Since I have fuel injection on that car and no choke, I am mounting that switch in the choke hole on the dash. You can also mount a hidden switch under the dash.

We’re excited to offer these lights for any other owners looking for beautiful accessory that looks great also improves nighttime visibility. They come in a beautiful chrome housing and with a replaceable halogen bulb. Wiring not included.

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