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“MORRIE,” fully restored 1960 Bugeye Sprite, correct Iris Blue! (SOLD)



NEW! Top and top bow included and installed!

AN5L 36845 is a Bugeye we call “Morrie,” an excellent fully-restored 1960 Bugeye Sprite ready to go with almost every part brand new. If you are looking for a turn-key Bugeye without hassles, this one has just been built-up in our workshop with the experience of building the many that came before it. The car drives wonderfully, with a plush and smooth ride because it has been set-up right with all systems working properly.

“Plush” is not often used when referring to Bugeyes, but with four new shocks, four new tires and two new seat foams, plus new (plush) carpet throughout the trunk and interior, the car rides quite nicely, well-damped, smooth and rattle free. Rattles are our nemesis–most of these cars arrive in our building with all kinds of rattles–but we mercilessly work to eradicate them, partly because they are annoying, but mostly because they usually point to something about to fail! So in all our final test drives, we are looking for rattles and what they might reveal.

This car has none.

The engine is a stock and freshened 948 mated to a newly rebuilt four speed smoothcase transmission. Upgraded electric fuel pump is brand new too. Brakes are the original drum set-up with every component brand new. The buyer of this car is looking for a completely stock Bugeye that is properly configured and completely sorted-out. This car would make a great gift for any spouse this holiday, ready to pull out of the garage for great fun!

We have known this car since 2012, when it was a project car from Ohio, owned for about 40 years by a fellow who had hoped to restore the car but he could never find the time. Instead he purchased another running and driving iris blue Bugeye from us (called “Little Huny”) and we took this car in trade. We then sold the car to someone wanting a project, who subsequently invested about $8,000 in body restoration, rust repair and paint (receipts included, see photo). The floors were replaced as were rockers and sills. New sheet metal was welded-in where needed to bring this car back to life once again.

Once painted, that owner abandoned the project, and sold it to another party in Connecticut, who then sold the car to us, so we could bring it back to life. We spent the last month assembling the bare shell, with new wiring harnesses, interior, suspension components, transmission and rubber parts, to bring the car to it’s former glory. The low mileage engine was freshened with new bearing, oil pump, seals and gaskets.
We are impressed by how nicely the car now drives, and it’s now ready for a new owner, a new home, and another 50 years of sports car fun. Such is the circuitous path of many a Bugeye, and many an old car restoration. Indicated mileage is 44,484, but Morrie’s life is really just beginning once again. The new blue tonneau looks stunning. A good used top is also included, as shown.

Give us a call or send an email if you would like to give Morrie a new home!