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Currently FOUR great prepared Bugeyes are in stock and ready for delivery to your door!

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Excellent restored 1958 Austin Healey Bugeyed Sprite for sale, “PIPER”

This is a 1958 Austin Healey Sprite Mark 1 (AN5L 2441) we call “Piper.” It’s a beautiful fully restored Bugeye which is titled as a 1959 but the chassis/vin number identifies it as a 1958 build (many Bugeyes were titled in the year after build, EG perhaps the car sat prior to import, or sat at a dealer until 1959, and was first titled then…).

We bought it from a skilled and passionate airplane mechanic who put the car through a lengthy restoration, and ultimately decided he wanted a fun car with a backseat for his growing family, and the Bugeye had to go. We have gone though the car and finished multiple subtle details to make his good car into an exceptional classic. Take a drive in the video below!

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IMG_1490For example, we have stripped all trim off the car and wet sanded the paint to bring up the excellent gloss you see in the photos. We have lowered the suspension (with our lowering kit which fixes a chronic problem with restored cars, too high in the back) to improve the look and make the ride height as it would be when new. We have detailed the interior with a new panel kit and new pieces as needed to complete this high grade package. He had installed our hardura tunnel mat to make the interior look original, and to match up with the hardura trunk kit too. We also fit powder-coated cockpit trim and properly covered the over-dash trim piece with vinyl as it would have come when new. This makes the cockpit look better than new, while still respecting the original design of three anodized trim pieces and a vinyl covered piece over the dash. The grill is also new. Overall, this car looks fantastic, with lots of impressive details.

IMG_1567The driving experience does not disappoint, in fact, while fit with a 948 engine, this car motors along more like it has a 1275 package, with ample power and spirited performance. A great rebuilt rib case transmission is also fit. The twin HS2 carbs are from a later Sprite, 1.25 inch larger throats make a difference, and this later carb is a better design. New lifetime K and N air filters and a great exhaust header help the car breathe. Fuel tank is also brand new. And thus the car is a wonderful driver, tight and set-up properly. Braking performance is also excellent, on properly sorted drum brakes and recent tires. All the front end parts are also new, and this car is extremely responsive and fun.

Side curtains are included as is a top bow, but no top or tonneau has been fit yet. We can add that for the new owner if they so desire. We fit new ones to these cars all the time.

So if you are looking for a great Bugeye without the BS, we are excited to present Piper as a well-sorted product we are proud to offer a lucky buyer who wants to just get in and go! Price is $27,995. Were you to try and build one this good it would cost you quite a bit more! Call or email if you would like to make Piper yours, and we will be glad to help arrange shipping anywhere in the world.