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Bugeye dashboard therapy

A nice dashboard is crucial, what you first see when you first climb in to get away. And so we are merciless about building Bugeye dashboards, and have always felt they should look just like they did when they left the factory.


Here is a kit to help you restore your Bugeye dashboard with the proper stuff. Over the years, we have seen dozens of dashboards “updated” with the wrong bits, extra holes, and the wrong switchgear. Let’s end this. These are correct reproductions so you can make your Bugeye living room proper once again!

IMG_9039Our basic kit includes:
New H knob
New W knob
New headlight switch bezel
New “S” starter cable
New “C” original type choke cable
Washer pump assembly with Knob

In sprite of our quest for originality as mentioned above, here are a few very functional modifications we do endorse:

Many of the heater control mechanisms are non-working, and if yours is missing, they can be hard to find and very expensive. So we sometimes use a conventional pull/pull switch with an H knob to operate the blower. You lose operation of the cable actuated air flap in the heater box, but they don’t do much anyway, A pull switch and H knob is a good fix for blower operation and it still makes the dash look correct.

Heater pull pull switch (sold separately), also works as a wiper switch- $18.95 + Shipping



Also, original Bugeye choke knobs were never locking. We like these T handle assemblies, they twist to lock and are easier to operate. They fit right in the hole on the dash that would have housed the choke anyway. If you are building a concours car, this won’t work, but for everyone else, this is a nice upgrade that still looks “British.”

IMG_9024If you are ordering the refurb kit above, we can substitute a T handle choke assembly for the C cable in the kit. If you order the kit select which one you want and we will put in the locking handle intead. These are also sold separately here for $34.95 + Shipping

***One important note—the headlight bezel is a tricky piece to fit. It engages a pin at the 6:00 position. You might need to drill out the hole on the bezel to get it to fit properly on your particular switch.***

Individual Kit Parts:
H Knob - $10.95



W Knob - $10.95



IMG_9022Washer Pump and Knob - $31.95



IMG_9023Headlight Switch Bezel - $12.95



New Starter Cable with Knob - $34.95



New Choke Cable with Knob - $34.95