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Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite removable steering wheel and adaptor kit


IMG_9094We are delighted to introduce a new solution that makes Bugeye Sprite ownership possible for a whole new population of enthusiasts. If you have been longing for a Bugeye but have been concerned that you might not fit, or are worried that loss of dexterity limits your ability to get in and out of a Bugeye, this removable steering wheel is a great innovation. With the wheel out of the way, large drivers can now get in with ease.

IMG_9096Many of our clients big and small have found memories of jumping into a Bugeye in their teenage years. But with joint replacements much more common these days, we can all use a bit easier way in and out of our little British cars. This is an elegant solution. We’ve custom made two Bugeyes five inches longer for clients with joint issues. This is a much simpler and less expensive solution for most people, because with the wheel out of the way, it is quite easy to climb in. The kit includes the hubs needed to fit the interlocking pieces to your Sprite, along with a stunning MOMO leather wheel. The kit comes standard with a 13 inch wheel for the roomiest cockpit. Other sizes and wood wheels are also available. Call to make steering wheel substitutions. But the MOMO wheel as shown works great.

We also adapt a new Sprite Mark 1 horn push so the wheel looks correct, as shown in the photos. The hubs work perfectly with two wire horns. Let us know if you have a one wire horn, and we can modify the pieces for you.

Now, most large drivers can enjoy Sprite ownership. We anticipate fitting many of these kits for cars that move through our workshop as part of the preparation of the cars we sell. And now you can order the pieces below if you want to fit the kit yourself.

BTW, this kit doubles as a brilliant anti-theft kit… If my dad had this steering wheel set up in his cars, I never would have been able to “borrow” his cars when he was out of town!

Our Quick Release hub adapter is $189.95. In order to use our adapters, you will need a 6 bolt steering wheel and the correct horn push. You can affix a wheel of your own or we can build the hub adapter with a Momo 14 inch wheel and a Momo horn push for $449.95. Or if you prefer, we can build the whole assembly you see in the photos and install a new Sprite horn push, for $549.95.

There are multiple steering wheel choices available-call or email if you want something wood or custom. Otherwise, you can pick your options from the drop down to buy below.

And be sure to check out the video below!