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Currently FOUR great prepared Bugeyes are in stock and ready for delivery to your door!

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Striking restored 1959 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite for sale!


#161 is SOLD SOLD SOLD to Bob from Florida. Congratulations!

We call this Sprite “Pedro,” and it’s a beautiful 1959 Bugeye, AN5L 15196. The car was restored by a very passionate and meticulous car guy, who spent countless hours detailing every inch of the car. The result is stunning! The burgundy base/clearcoat paint work is outstanding and this car is a knockout.

Take a drive below, and click “read more” below the video to see the photo album…

Pedro is equipped a powerful 1275 engine, Weber downdraft carburetor, and a flip forward fiberglass nose, which is very high quality and looks great. The nose is very light so opening the front is a breeze, as is engine access. The VTO wheels are beautiful and the 175 series tires are slightly larger than normal for better grip and handling. The car also has a performance exhaust header and big bore exhaust. Sounds great! Rear tube shocks were also added, instead of lever shocks (if you look closely you can see an empty hole in the rear bulkhead, where the lever shocks used to attach). An alternator upgrade was also installed, and we are upgrading the original tachometer to mate with it (we should be able to install it soon, the mechanical tachs don’t work with alternators, but we convert them to electronic movements)

Since we’ve had the car, we have completed a long list of service work to prepare the car for a new owner, including new front shocks, new rear axle seals and wheel cylinders, new rear brake shoes, new radius arm bushings on the left side, adjust parking brake, replace right front wheel bearings, replace clutch slave cylinder, installed proper shift lever, set the toe in, repaired the nose limiting straps, installed an ignition switch guillotine and made the steering wheel horn push work. Now he’s ready for a new home.

It’s a rust free car, which all the body work done. The underside is excellent, and painted with a stone gaurd finish underneath and in the wheel wells to keep the car looking beautiful underneath. Seats are non-stock, from a later Sprite or MG, but they work great. This is a sound and solid car.

Great tonneau, top and side curtains are included!

Call to adopt! Check out the original bill of sale that comes with the car!