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Currently TWO great prepared Bugeyes are in stock and ready for delivery to your door!

Other great classics too!

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“Booker,” 1960 Bugeye Sprite driver for sale.
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1959 Bugeye Sprite driver with period Kellison nose!
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1973 TR6 for sale, excellent driver, thousands spent on restoration!
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64K mile 1971 Volvo P1800E for sale, overdrive!
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Stunning 1969 MGC for sale, original colors, matching engine, low mileage, new video!

61 ways to improve a Bugeye Sprite

We just shipped-in a nice red Bugeye that the owner wanted optimized, and here’s a video that shows the wonderful pile of parts we’ll install to make this nice car superb.

We can do anything to these cars in our building, and while we sometimes make big changes like installing five speed transmissions and superchargers, we are always focused on small changes to make a somewhat squirrelly car a joy to drive once again. Each system will get our attention as we take this “restored” car, and restore it! By tightening up a string of worn components, and upgrading others, this Bugeye will be a joy again for generations.

We are privileged to have become a national service center for these wonderful cars! And if you want one that is ready to go, please check out our current inventory of bugeyes for sale. We’ll post an update soon so you can see this car transform!