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1958 Excellent Restored Leaf Green Bugeye Sprite for sale, “Luigi!”
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1959 Austin Healey Sprite, restored with automatic transmission!
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1959 Restored Bugeye Sprite for sale-with overdrive five-speed, 1275 engine, disc brakes, wire wheels and more!
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59 Bugeye Sprite driver with period Kellison nose!
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60 Bugeye Sprite driver for sale, “Booker”
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Sweet 1959 Austin Healey Bugeyed Sprite for sale!

Fantastic Hotter 1960 Bugeye Sprite for sale, video drive!





Ozzy is now sold and will be Seattle bound! Ozzy turned out to be number 101 sold… Helen is the 100th! More on that in a week when I get back from vacation!

This is Ozzy, a sensational Bugeye that was beautifully restored. I’ve added a new video drive I thought you would like to see, as this one is really a blast to drive.

One huge advantage we have after selling so many Bugeyes is that we have seen it all, and we can quickly tell the difference between a high-level and a mediocre restored car. This one is one of the best we have seen, and well worth a good look. This builder knew what he was doing. Take a drive in the video below!

Ozzy has a great base-clear coat paint job and it’s a deep and glossy finish. The stripes were cleared over and are quite durable, and the underside of the nose was done the same way, and shows no old dent repair or wrinkles,

All great performance mods were used, starting with a rebuilt 1275 engine and SU carbs with velocity stacks under performance air filters. Also installed is a trick aluminum radiator and aftermarket fuel pressure regulator, plus spin on oil filter conversion and flip forward nose. Also fit is a performance header and chrome-tipped performance muffler, which sounds wonderful. It’s all very clean and well-executed.

In the cockpit this car features a beefy wooden steering wheel and it looks great! This is one of my favorite aftermarket steering wheels because there’s some heft to it, which is fitting for the performance spirit of this particular the car.

He’s riding on Pirelli 175 tires, the widest you can fit without body mods, and the wheels and tires fit the car perfectly. Upgraded front disk brakes and great tires bring the car to a halt beautifully. Check out the pix… the quality shows through!

This is a great Bugeye! Call or email for pricing.