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Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite Vintage Racing

Bugeyes have a vibrant racing history and if you ever wanted to get into vintage racing, Sprites are a relatively inexpensive way to get started. I met a great Bugeye enthusiast this week, Terry Davis, who races an F production Bugeye in the midwest with a 1380 cc motor (that’s his blue car, # 119 in the photo). Terry, like me, posts lots of driving videos so you can race along with him. Here’s a great one with about 15 minutes of in-car footage that allows you to see the front and rear view out the race car as he tangles with a Spritfire and another Bugeye. More are posted on youtube if you search for Bugeye 119…

If you are interested in getting into vintage racing or attending events as a spectator, visit the Sportscar Vintage Racing Association, www. You can also check out the Vintage Motorsports Council website ( or the Victory Lane magazine website ( and click on their links “How to Get Started in Vintage Racing.”

Thanks, Terry for taking us out on the track!

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