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664 miles in his new AH Bugeye Sprite on the first day


Steve bought “Coleman” from us a week or so ago, and had his wife drop him off at our shop on her way to Vermont. He then drove 664 miles home, non-stop! He left Bugeyeguy at 2pm and arrived at his driveway in West Virginia at about 2AM the next day.

We’ve had several new owners make long maiden voyages in Bugeyes they purchase from us. I’ll admit I am usually a bit anxious because I’m on call in the event of a problem, but as with others before him, Stephen drove pretty much 12 straight hours without issue. He even detoured north to take the Newburgh Bridge across the Hudson, adding more miles to an already long journey.

Cars we’ve prepared have logged thousands of miles with very few issues. Each pilot like Steve helps us to gain valuable information about any vulnerabilities, and each long trip helps us to be our best. To Steve and all the other inspiring long haul Bugeye drivers, we salute you!

“Icarus,” Immaculate 1959 Bugeye Sprite for sale!

Now sold, congratulations, Steve! This excellent car will soon be heading to Ontario!

This is a amazing Bugeye restoration, built with great skill and passion. AN5L 13874 is the product of a multi-year obsessive build to produce a dream bugeye with a few tasteful mods, like a 1275 engine, disk brakes, and Bilstein tube shocks all around. The builder also made a few slick body mods, like a custom rear license plate mount, beautiful aviation style fuel filler and interior bonnet release to unlock the flip forward nose.

If you want a beautiful custom Bugeye, you should check out this car.

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Exceptional 1959 Austin Healey 2-seat 100/6 for sale!

IMG_6588 We sold this gorgeous Healey last year to a great client in Florida, who has now asked us to sell it for him on consignment. It’s a fantastic car so we are happy to offer it to again!

This is BN6L 2795, a wonderful car, fully restored and very useable with the correct original matching engine. It’s available at $59,995! You’ve seen lots of Big Healeys with $75k asking prices and more… this one is a very high level restoration for a very reasonable price.

As you might have seen in prior posts, I am partial to the two-seat big Healeys, like this one. The two seaters are just more elemental, more authentic, more sporting, more clean. This one was extremely well-restored and drives beautifully. NEW! Spend five minutes with this car in the video below… (and click the “read more” text below the video to see the photo album!)

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1960 trick Race Bugeye made street legal rocket!

Mr. Fletch is back! We sold this Bugeye recently to a great client, who had us completely transform this cool ex-racer for a new life on the street. Now, he’s asked us to sell it for him so here’s a chance to purchase his very cool transformed racer. Bill upgraded everything in the car to make a steetable machine that would turn heads, so the new owner gets a fantastic rust free racer that has had all systems upgraded for a life in “retirement.”

There’s nothing dull about it!


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“Willis,” 100% restored 1960 AH Bugeye Sprite for sale!

This is a special car.

“Willis” is the product of a loving rotisserie ground-up restoration by a passionate collector. He started with a solid car and any rust was completely removed, new patches were welded in place and the entire body was recoated with primer and paint. Over and under, inside and out, everything is better than new. Then the car was fit with all the best mods like a 1275 rebuilt engine and disk brakes.

We bought the car from this restorer about two years ago, and then sold the car to a two-bugeye owner who worked out any remaining kinks and carefully finished the last few details. The result is a totally turn-key Bugeye that looks completely stock, yet hides great and tastefully done improvements. The car is completely sorted and ready to go. Fly in and drive this car anywhere! Take a test drive in the video below!


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Bugeye Sprite film, coming soon!

You might remember the green Bugeye Boyd we sold a few months back, a stunning 1959 Bugeye. Here’s Boyd in a trailer for his new film, coming soon from the family that adopted him. Do I see an Oscar in Boyd’s future?

Austin Healey Bugeyed Sprite, purchased in 1961, restored in 2015. Unveiled after restoration!

Tom and Judith were married in 1961 and honeymooned in this car. What an honor to restore it for them this month, so they can celebrate their next anniversary with their old friend! Tom purchased the car in 1961, had it painted in 1985, and it has sat ever since. We spent three weeks restoring the mechancicals, front end and now 30 year old paint for this wonderful couple, so their their next Bugeye summer could commence!


Wonderful 1960 BT7 Austin Healey 3000 Mark 1 for sale!

Now sold! Way to go Scott, congratulations!

Of all the big Healeys we have had, this car is one of my favorites. It’s just right, gorgeous and impressive, but not so nice you would be afraid to drive it. This car was owned for 14 years by someone who did just that… they drove it about 10k miles, and loved every minute. Test drive video below!


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“Mitchell” A one-owner restored 1960 Bug eye Sprite for sale!

Now on deposit, and soon heading to Maryland! Congratulations John!

It is so rare to find a one owner car these days, especially a Bugeye, which was so inexpensive they were often traded for debts, given away, or left for dead. Here’s a Sprite that was lovingly cared for by one man since new, and sold to me by his family after he passed. It’s a wonderful example, and this car was lucky to have a large amount of restoration dollars spent on new paint, new floors and new mechanicals. The floors were put in about 15 year ago. The engine was rebuilt in the 70s, and has only had a few thousand miles since. There are amazing receipts with the car, including some from 1969 with prices from the era. You can see those in the photos below! For example, rebuilt clutch master in 1972 for $16!
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A Bugeye Sprite is good for your marriage and other tales from an owner since 1962


Tom and Judith Brewer have been married 53 years. They went on their honeymoon in this Bugeye in 1962. He recently brought to us to get it back on the road again. Listen to his story in the videos below! And check out his remarkable original interior, all the original rubber mats are present in the cockpit!