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Bugeye Sprite tires

Nothing helps the ride quality of a Spridget like fresh rubber. Most tires on classic cars dry out before the tread wears out, so they lose their resilience. With new tires, everything gets better… ride quality, braking and cornering.

We’ve been using Khumho Solus tires on Sprites for some time with good results and now we are excited to offer them for sale in our catalog. Khumho has been a great brand for us and we appreciate their support of the 13 inch tire market where there are limited choices. We sell two types— 155 X 13 and 175/70 X13. The original tires were 145s. 155 works fine and gives you a little more traction. If you want more performance, go with 175s. Keep in mind that the wider 175 tires may hit the front inner fender wells when turning the steering wheel to full lock. So if you are at all worried about fit, go with the 155s. These are all black wall tires. (We also sell white walls, click here to order those). These tires fit the original steel type or any 5 inch wide alloy wheel too.

Some have asked us about 14 inch tires but we discourage changing wheel size. Larger rims change the ride quality and steering feel. Also, going to any tire wider than 175 is not recommended without further mechanical modifications.

Get 155 tires for your Bugeye by clicking here!

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Stunning and rare 1969 MGC for sale, new pictures!

1969 MGC

NEW Pictures! Nice weather here allowed us to get some great new top down MGC shots. Check out the photo gallery below!

This is my personal MGC.

The C is a delightful high-speed cruiser. She has a wonderful 145 HP big Healey 2.9 liter seven main bearing six cylinder engine stuffed under the hood, along with twin brake boosters and torsion bar suspension and 15 inch wheels (instead of the Bs 14s) and electric overdrive. It’s a rare car with delightful bulges in its aluminum bonnet.

I have loved and admired this 1969 MGC (GCN 1U4357G) since I acquired it in February 2013. This car was one of the first 1969 roadsters. The series was launched in 1967 just as Austin Healey stopped big Healey production and extra engines were available. I am not sure if any landed in the USA before 1968. 1969 was the last year for the C, with a total of 8,999 built. But how many are left? When have you seen one lately? This is the only one I have seen recently with the correct original seats. By the way, these came with octagon-shaped safety knock spinners when new-the prior owner put on the more attractive two-eared type, they look cooler, but that’s easy to change if it bothers you.

We’ve done a lot to maintain and preserve it, (I have all our records, call and I will read through them for you). We have recently put in richer needles in the original SU carbs and the correct original air filter box is off in the pictures, but that’s just because we were working on tuning this week. I have driven this car very little and need more space as we expand our building so I am reluctantly putting this great classic car up for sale.

This is a special car. Very rare but in particular, I have never seen another in such nice condition. I believe this to be an original 37k mile car with one respray about 10 years ago. It shines beautifully, the chrome wires are also recent, and everything  about this car is nice. Interior is correct and extremely well-preserved, with the original seat belts and a somewhat modern stereo, with loose speakers in the footwells behind the seats. It works, and can be easily removed if the new owner so desires. The car comes with the original tonneau and a good top with a zip down rear window that appears to be about ten years old.

There is one very small ding on the driver door top (where an apple fell out of a tree). I tried to photograph it but it doesn’t show up in the picture, so it’s not something to worry about, but its not a perfect car. The fuel gauge works fine but the gauge glass is a little cloudy. But I never cared about any of these minor imperfections. Find me another MGC in such a desirable color combo with working overdrive and such a nice preserved condition, with such low mileage… NEVER. This is the nicest C roadster I have seen, Here’s a chance to own a rare part of MG history. Yours for $37,995. Call or email if you’d like to make this rare classic yours! And check out my black 62 MGA with the black 67 MGB and this 69 MGC… we have three black MGs under one roof!

Now you can own two great classic black MGs- both in excellent condition! We have a really nice black 1967 MGB for sale on our website (click here to check out the MGB).


Pizza-powered Bugeye Sprite

I got the following email this week from a Mr Taylor:

“Thanks for sending the price list. I’ve watched a few of your videos. Can a pizza fit behind the seats?”

We set out to answer this question, as shown in the video below:

“MORRIE,” fully restored 1960 Bugeye Sprite for sale, correct Iris Blue!



NEW! Top and top bow included and installed!

AN5L 36845 is a Bugeye we call “Morrie,” an excellent fully-restored 1960 Bugeye Sprite ready to go with almost every part brand new. If you are looking for a turn-key Bugeye without hassles, this one has just been built-up in our workshop with the experience of building the many that came before it. The car drives wonderfully, with a plush and smooth ride because it has been set-up right with all systems working properly.

“Plush” is not often used when referring to Bugeyes, but with four new shocks, four new tires and two new seat foams, plus new (plush) carpet throughout the trunk and interior, the car rides quite nicely, well-damped, smooth and rattle free. Rattles are our nemesis–most of these cars arrive in our building with all kinds of rattles–but we mercilessly work to eradicate them, partly because they are annoying, but mostly because they usually point to something about to fail! So in all our final test drives, we are looking for rattles and what they might reveal.

This car has none.
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Skinny Mini Bugeye Sprite

I found this picture online which sure looks like a photoshop image and not the real thing. But the concept is great, and I would love to have one of these on the luggage rack of my Bugeye, for deploying when I need to fit into a tight space where no normal Bugeye would dare venture.

Who wants to make one?

Austin Healey Sprite rubber footwell and floor mat kit

Cross members get hammered on Bugeyes. Take a look at the chafe in this particular car in the photo below… the red carpet has been well-beaten by spirited entry and exit. This six-piece rubber mat kit is here to help. It protects the entire footwell area and covers your carpet with rubber. Rubber is particularly nice to add to Bugeyes, as the original factory mats were all rubber. That factory rubber material is no longer available, so we have the next best thing.

Each kit includes six rubber pieces: two footwell mats, two crossmember covers, and two triangular inner footwell covers. Since not all cars have actual accelerator pedals, we do not slot the side inner footwell cover… customers with accelerator pedals can add that cut easily upon installation.

Get your rubber floor mat set today by clicking here.



This kit is a very popular add-on for any recently restored Sprite. The mats protect the new carpet. It’s also useful in a case like the one shown, where a new carpet kit and panels are needed, but this rubber kit dresses up the worn interior and makes it nice once again at a lower cost than a complete interior restoration. And if you eventually go for a whole new carpet kit, you can still use these ruber over-mats to protect your fresh new carpet later.

Installation is easy, as shown in the video above. The side mats lap under the footwell panel and the cross member mat unlays the carpet as shown. These mats will dress up any Bugeye footwell! The kit includes mats for both sides of your car.

The side and cross member mats work in LHD or RHD cars. The large floor mat is for LHD only, because of the accelerator pedal cut out for LHD cars. If you want the side and cross member mats for a RHD car, feel free to email and we can send them to you.

Get your rubber floor mat set today by clicking here.