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The United States Bank of Bugeye Sprite

This Bugeye is a star. In the Super Bowl? Perhaps! Not sure where this new TV commercial will run, but I’ll be waiting Sunday night to see if this little blue Bugeye could just be bigger than the half time show. The iconic Bugeye continues to play starring roles in nice commercials. If we had a Bank, we would feature Bugeyes in our commercials too!

The photo below shows the star of the video as the crew prepares for the shoot.


What I love about this commercial is that the Bugeye represents “dreams fulfilled.” In fact, most of the 170 Bugeye owners we have served have shared with me that they have always dreamt of having a Bugeye! And as Bodhi always says (who sure looks a lot like the dog in the commercial) “what are you waiting for?” Thanks to Wayne M for forwarding this photo and link, and for helping to record the genuine Bugeye exhaust note featured in this commercial!

The exhaust note you hear in the commercial is the real deal!



Bugeye Sprite Team Polo

Our newest Sprite shirt will make anyone look cool in the paddock. The wonderful Bugeye Sprite mark 1 arrow is stitched into the chest, while the Austin Healey logo is embroidered into one sleeve and the Bugeyeguy logo embroidered on the other. This is a premium shirt you can wear with pride. One shirt–three stunning Bugeye-themed embroideries. These shirts runs a bit big, so consider getting one size smaller.

$44.99 plus shipping.

Black mockup



“TAD,” 1959 Bugeye Sprite for sale-drone video!

Old tech meets new! This could perhaps be the first Bugeye drive ever recorded by a drone! Check out this bird’s eye view of our newest arrival. I purchased this car from beautiful central Washington, and here you can see the amazing local scenery.

The passenger in the video is controlling the drone, and doing an awesome job of making me want to hit the open road! This feels like a Chevy truck commercial, with a slightly smaller payload…

This is a car named Tad after his prior owner. The car has a strong 948 engine and rib case transmission as well as a great quality fiberglass nose which was made by Faspec, a Sprite parts company that was around years ago.

For sale for $16,995

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Super Bugeye assembly begins

IMG_8938“Morgan” is back from the paint shop, and ready for assembly. You might remember this car from a while back, when we featured its rear disk brake build (a great upgrade). We will upgrade everything else as we build this car in the coming weeks, to produce the next super Bugeye!

BTW, Bugeyes originally came in red, white, blue, two greens, yellow and tan. This one is painted with Porsche Boxster Silver, accented with deep red stripes. We will put in a supercharged five-speed drive train. The wheels on the car are only temporary for paint… the car will be fit with anthracite minilights and performance tires. We’ll include more photos as the car comes together!
IMG_8939 crop

Sometimes even a website blows a gasket…

imageWe often marvel at our unique business that combines cars primarily built between 1958 and 1960 and a web site driven world that is all very much brand new. This Saturday, we stretched our technology to its limits and it broke, so our website went down for a while, and of course, since you are reading this message, it is now back up again.

Our shared server, it seems, was overloaded, and while I would like to imagine a panel full of Lucas parts heating up and letting the smoke out, instead I suspect some administrator in a far away country felt we were using too much juice, and rather than dim the lights of everyone else on our shared server, they shut us off. Soon we will have our own dedicated server, which will hopefully speed page loading and prevent this from ever happening again.

Hopefully that server won’t leak oil and need a sheet of cardboard under it (like everything else in our building). Thanks for your patience as we grow!

“WALLY,” wonderful five-speed Bugeye for sale!

NOW ON DEPOSIT! Way to go Don! We’ll confirm status as soon as we know more, email if you want to be on the Wally waiting list… and don’t forget Gerry, another awesome Sprite in our inventory in case you are kicking yourself for missing this one…

If you are looking for a wonderfully built 1275 powered five-speed bugeye, check this out! This is a great 1959 Bugeye we call “Wally.” We prepared and sold this car four years ago to a collector in Arizona, who put a few thousand miles on the car out there and when he was ready to move on, we were delighted to have a chance to bring the car back for a new owner. It is a dry, rust-free car with a lot of nice upgrades.

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