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“Solo” a wonderful and unique Bugeye for sale

IMG_0195Here’s a wonderful restored 1959 Bugeye we now have for sale called SOLO. It’s an extremely nicely modified car with a five speed datsun transmission conversion, aluminum head, front disk brakes and performance exhaust which blasts a nice note from a rebuilt 1275 power plant. The car was extensively restored by the prior owner, who drove the car just 138 miles before he got sick and sold the car. You get the benefit of thousands of dollars in restoration work that he funded. We have just replaced the master cylinder with an uprated sleeved model and gone through the car (changed transmission oil, for example, and run the car through our extensive check list) to make sure it’s ready for the next owner. Most of the restoration work was done in 2005.

The car also boasts a 3.7 rear end which, coupled to the overdrive five speed installed, makes this car a great highway cruiser for anyone looking to include freeways and interstates in their Bugeye experience. New chrome wire wheels give this car a striking and very popular look.

An impressive stack of receipts come with the car, detailing $19,710 spent at British Specialities in Stockton alone, who rebuilt the engine, rebuilt the transmission, rebuilt the front end, set up the car for wire wheels and installed disk brakes and air horn and rebuilt the gauges, Dozens of other components were also replaced, like the starter and generator. That 20k investment doesn’t include the excellent paint job and beautiful interior with custom buckskin dash cover and wood steering wheel and shift knob.

The car has a matching tonneau and custom fabric security panel that blocks off the trunk from prying eyes. It’s well executed and unsnaps to allow access to the plush boot with matching custom carpet.

The car is very clean and virtually like-new. It does have one small ding on the top of the nose in front of the windshield wipers, it looks like someone closed the bonnet on something that made this small dent. Otherwise, the car is rust free, dent-free, well-sorted and ready for a new home!

Call or email if you want us to ship you this great car!

How to adjust idle speed on twin SU carbs

Idle speed on an A series engine is often variable. This is partly due to the change in viscosity of the engine oil as it heats up. Your engine will idle at a lower speed when the engine is cold and the oil is thicker. Idle speed will also change when you hold down the clutch. In fact, it’s always a good idea not to sit idling with your foot on the clutch because you add stress to the thowout bearing. So idle in neutral with your foot off the clutch if possible… but regardless, it’s important all Bugeye owners know how to adjust their own idle if fine tuning is required. It’s easy to do.

Original H1 carbs have idle screws as indicated below. Later HS2 carbs have hex shaped screws as shown. Whichever type you have, it’s important to turn each screw the same amount so you don’t throw-off the synchronization of your carbs.

Look for roughly 1000 RPMs at idle. But it’s personal preference as far as what setting you like, and not all Sprite tachs are accurate. Have fun!

H1 Idle Adjust HS2 Idle Adjust

2005 Lotus Elise for sale

IMG_0138Here’s a car that handles like nothing else on the road.

This 2005 Lotus Elise was bought new in Texas on July 25th 2004. We know this because the first owner kept a log book, which the subsequent two owners have also used to log all the maintenance. The log book is immaculate, and the car was loved and cared-for in the very same way. This is a wonderful example that shows as new. We cannot find any stone chips or signs of damage anywhere on the car. It has also never done any track days (many of these end up doing more track miles than road miles).

Colin Chapman, the founder of Lotus, is often quoted as saying; “Power makes you faster in the straights. Subtracting weight makes you faster everywhere.” The Elise carries on the founders mentality. While it may only have 190 horsepower, when you combine that with a 1900 lb curb weight and a superbly balanced chassis you end up with one of the quickest cars money can buy. The perfectly balanced mid-mounted Toyota motor ties a purpose built sports car with Japanese reliability.

The black powder coated wheels were installed in December of 2014, less than 4,000 miles ago, a modification which really pops with the orange paint. With just under 20,000 miles and a meticulous service book this wonderful example is quite special and it can be yours for $37,995.

The car is stock, with only the wheels, rear spoiler and upgraded rear quarter vents added. The prior owner preferred the look of these later grills and updated them. The center rearview mirror is presently removed, but included and easily attached to the factory mount which is still in place. The key fob immobilizer and alarm has also be immobilized and now the remote only operates the central locks. I personally think this is a fantastic upgrade, as those immobilizers are annoying. I’m glad this one is gone. The flashing dash light is meant to look like an alarm when the car is parked.

The car comes with the original soft top, trickle charger, sun visors and factory literature that came with the car.

This is something a little different from us here at Bugeyeguy, but sports car that any enthusiast should consider. Check out all the pictures and the video below and don’t hesitate to email if you have any questions.

NEW Bugeye Sprite specific custom fender cover!

IMG_9828IMG_0086Finally! Our new Bugeye specific fender cover is ready. For years we have been using a wide range of traditional fender covers and pads to protect the uniquely shaped Bugeye inner fenders, and they all fall short because they don’t fit. Now we have developed a bugeye-specific design to protect the paint job on your car. It fits great!

These are vinyl covers with a freece backing which will allow you to place your spanner on the inner fender without fear of scratches. Our fender covers are not handed, so you can use one on either side, or get a pair for larger projects. A nice bugeyeguy embroidered patch helps dress-up your engine bay!

They are keyed on the bonnet support blocks which are stock on all Bugeyes. If yours are missing, we have those available for sale too.

Reliability Upgrades for your Bugeye

IMG_0074Rose is now sold, and what a fantastic car. It’s nearly ready for a national concours because there are a lot of original parts present and it’s such a clean car with an exceptional paint job. Many buyers of such an immaculate stock 948 car would trailer it, or use it sparingly, with a primary objective of winning shows.

This car’s new owner, however, is looking to use the car more regularly than most, and while he isn’t planning a cross-country trip, he does routinely jump on a highway for a 20 or 30 minute stretch, so his particular Bugeye needs a few reliability upgrades to minimize stress and minimize leaks and any other issues that might get in the way of an otherwise enjoyable day.

In the video below, I show the select upgrades we applied to this car, designed to preserve the integrity of this original example, and to add what is needed to bring reliability a bit closer to modern standards. We’ll have all these upgrades for sale on our site shortly.

IMG_0076 IMG_0075

Bugeye Sprite in the Rockies

IMG_9928IMG_7345Willis arrived in Idaho this week, after we loaded the car into the enclosed trailer above near our shop a week prior. Here’s Willis with his new Minilight wheels and new owner Lynn enjoying her new ride in the mountains near Sun Valley Idaho on highway 75 on the way to Stanley in the Sawtooth Mountains. The snowpack is still deep but fortunately the roads are dry.

Congratulations Lynn! It’s nice to see a great Rocky Mountain Bugeye Sprite video!