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Bugeye Bucks special offer! $1000 off any car-now through December 18 only!

As we approach our 200th Bugeye sold, let’s celebrate! We are growing!!!

We are erecting a new building on our property (to hold more cars!) and while we expand, we need more space to lessen the stress of this big project. So here’s a special offer–we’ll take $1000 off any of our cars in inventory (any car currently listed for sale, not just Bugeyes). We have a bunch of great cars in inventory that are ready for new homes. Now is the time if you have been wanting a great British car in your life. And don’t delay if you want your cool car before Christmas, and also because this offer expires at midnight, Sunday, 12-18-16.

We have never offered this kind of discount, and may never do so again! Call or email for pricing information, and to apply this coupon to your car purchase!

Automobile Magazine bureau chief adopts Bugeye Sprite

Remember the Bugeye we had for sale this year called “Atlanta?” This mostly stock iris blue Bugeye was purchased by Todd and Donna Lassa in Michigan. Todd is the Detroit bureau chief for Automobile Magazine, and here is his great feature on his own personal car. Todd drives a lot of different cars every week as part of his job, and we are honored that he has adopted this Bugeye as a full-time resident in his garage. That’s Todd above–click his car to read his story or visit their site by clicking here. 

Hawaiian Bugeye-Guy

imgp8859Remember our Bugeye Petey? That Bugeye’s journey started with the email below, which we received last summer:

“My name is Guy and I live in Honolulu, Hawaii. Perhaps, in an attempt to relive my childhood, I Goggled bugeye Sprite and came upon your website. When I was 18, back in 1962, my friends were a little more affluent and their parents bought them big block Chevys and Fords but I couldn’t afford that, so I bought a 1960 with 4 on the floor just like them, I just didn’t say I had 948 ccs under the hood instead of 409 cubic inches…”

Here’s a great photo Guy just sent of Petey parked in his garage. This past Fall we sent the car in an enclosed trailer to San Diego where it was loaded onto a ferry for Oahu, where a happy Guy was united with his car.

Mahalo Guy, and congratulations!

Bugeye Sprite “Sven” moves to Colorado

Kevin in Colorado emailed last month that his wife loved our Bugeye “Sven,” and so it’s nice to see her behind the wheel in this photo, now that the car has moved to their home in The Rockies! Congratulations!

This is a car we sold to Max and Debra in PA, who used it for about four years and then sold it back to us, so we could upgrade it further and send the car off to Colorado last month.

I had the luxury of autocrossing this car at Austin Healy Enclave in Gettysburg in 2015, courtesy of Max and Debra. We had prepared our concours Bugeye for that event, and I had hoped to bring a second Bugeye for the autocross but the concours project took all my time. When I mentioned I didn’t have a car to use at that event, Max and Debra generously offered Sven. So when they offered to sell this car in 2016, I was excited to own Sven once again. And now Kevin in Colorado is the recipient of a Bugeye that has been well-scrutinized and sorted. The more we get to know each one of these cars the better they get!


“Delores,” striking restored 1960 Bugeye Sprite for sale!

This is a beautiful, restored, 1960 Bugeye called “Delores”(AN5L 30460). She shows 60,133 miles. Bodywork is all done, a full restoration is now complete and the paint is new in Olde English white. The build is correct and accurate throughout, with stock parts and new radial tires in the correct size. White with red is stunning on these cars and always popular.

Take a look at the interior details–we’ve fit the correct red door check straps, the correct door weather-stripping which is finished off just like it was at the factory, the correct door plugs and even the door linings and door pockets. Seats are new, dash is recovered with leather (original dashboards were vinyl, this is a nice upgrade). The result is a stunning all correct interior.

img_3578This straight and nicely restored car with a ton of new parts, including new drum brakes, all new hydraulics, front sway bar, and a great red tonneau that matches the interior. No top yet, but we can fit one in the same red color as the tonneau.

Engine is the freshly rebuilt 948 stock powerplant and the transmission is a rebuilt correct smooth case stock four-speed model. Oil pressure and power is just like new. Transmission synchronizers are excellent and the car is a joy to drive. We have checked it out thoroughly. Click the engine picture (and any picture) to enlarge it and to see how beautiful everything looks.

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“MORRIE,” fully restored 1960 Bugeye Sprite for sale, correct Iris Blue!


img_3646NEW! We’ve just fit an electric fuel pump upgrade to this car! And Morrie looks better than ever with a brand new handsome blue everflex tonneau!

AN5L 36845 is a Bugeye we call “Morrie,” an excellent fully-restored 1960 Bugeye Sprite ready to go with almost every part brand new. If you are looking for a turn-key Bugeye without hassles, this one has just been built-up in our workshop with the experience of building the many that came before it. The car drives wonderfully, with a plush and smooth ride because it has been set-up right with all systems working properly.

“Plush” is not often used when referring to Bugeyes, but with four new shocks, four new tires and two new seat foams, plus new (plush) carpet throughout the trunk and interior, the car rides quite nicely, well-damped, smooth and rattle free. Rattles are our nemesis–most of these cars arrive in our building with all kinds of rattles–but we mercilessly work to eradicate them, partly because they are annoying, but mostly because they usually point to something about to fail! So in all our final test drives, we are looking for rattles and what they might reveal.

This car has none.
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