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  • April19th


    This is BN6L 2795, a wonderful car, fully restored and very useable with the correct original matching engine. As you might have seen in prior posts, I am partial to the two-seat big Healeys, like this one. I have a ’64 four seat BJ8 in my own collection, but the two seaters are just more elemental, more authentic, more sporting, more clean. I’m not big on 2+2s. This one was extremely well-restored and drives beautifully. Read More

  • April18th




    If you are looking to change your life this Summer by adopting a British car, here’s a trio of great choices for not a lot of dough. All of these cars have a had a lot of recent service so you can be confident they work.

    Too often we find cars online that don’t ride or run well… often with lots of new parts but the experience wasn’t there to make everything integrate properly. Experience matters. After sending 119 (!) Bugeyes to new homes, we know what’s right and what’s not. These three cars drive beautifully and still look great!

    First up is Marc, the red car at $14,995, completely stock with a 948 engine and drum brakes. This is a car we fully serviced before we sent it to the prior owner, and we recently bought it back, so we know the history. This is a good one!

    Next up is white Denim, which is equipped just like Marc, completely stock, correct and very straight. Denim is $13,995, so you can save a little money if you don’t mind a bit older paint job, although the car still looks great. Denim also recently underwent about $5,000 in service and we have the receipts so we know exactly what was done and can verify that it was done right.

    Finally we have green Kayla, a great 58 Bugeye which is most rare, still wearing the original dark green color that was offered in 1958, upgraded with disk brakes, 1275 engine and more. She has expensive upgrades, and this one can be yours for $15,995.

    You can read more and see pix and videos for each of these by clicking the current inventory button in the right margin of this page! Call or email if you are ready to take our 120th Bugeye home!

  • April17th


    In the my world of mostly open-top roadsters, I never thought I would say it but there’s actually something very liberating about a Bugeye Hardtop. Now, I know that most people want convertibles for the wind-in-the-hair (or what’s left of it) experience and for the joy and freedom of zooming down the road in a totally open environment, with the sun setting/yellow moon rising overhead. But I have to tell Read More

  • April12th

    This is Marc, (AN5L 34417), a sweet-driving unmolested 1960 Bugeye! You can buy this well set-up and fully serviced Bugeye for just $14,995.

    It’s quite rare for me to drive a Bugeye and come back with no list of issues that can be improved, but Marc is one of those rare cars! No issues! Everything works. And works well!

    In December of 2012, we did about $5500 in service and upgrades to this car and then sent it to a great customer in Florida, who is now working on a real estate project so he sold the car back to us. As always, we are happy to have back a car that we have already gone through and that we know works great!

    Read More

  • April7th

    Spring time and it’s time to hang out your tongue. Take a ride with Bodhi in the 1965 TR4 we have for sale. This car available for $16,995! Picture your dog here!

  • March30th

    We are excited to have Byron back at our shop and for sale once again!

    You might remember seeing this car here about a year ago… we sold it to a wonderful new owner in Florida who decided to move on this year and sold us back the car. He cared for the car perfectly during his stewardship and Byron is as nice as ever. The car comes with a British heritage certificate which confirms that the engine is original to this car. This car is one of the nicest we have had and could be shown at national concours events, or driven and enjoyed, just as the last owner did. This is a top shelf car for someone looking for the absolute best. Call or email for pricing. Read More

  • March30th

    I had a great time watching this video and thought you would enjoy it too. It’s amazing to see how many interesting Sprite variants there are, and they are all interesting to me. In this video you’ll see an array of fiberglass noses on the fronts of both Bugeyes and later Spridgets. You’ll also see a fastback or two, and all these modifications are available for any of the cars in our inventory. We look forward to continuing to expand the custom work we do in our shop!

    Click the full screen icon (lower right on the window) and turn up the volume for maximum enjoyment!

    It doesn’t always look so effortless… check out this video below too!

  • March29th


    This is “Wade” and if you want an excellent 1275-equipped Bugeye with wire wheels and disk brakes, look no further, because Wade is your man. He’s available now for $21,495.

    The current owner purchased this car from us in July of 2013 and has enjoyed this Bugeye immensely, but loss of garage space necessitates sale, so the car is available again Read More

  • March27th


    We named this car “Denim,” and I believe the new owner will cherish the car like a favorite denim shirt. Built on September 22, 1960, this car is worn-in to perfection, and still quite stylish. You can wear this one anywhere for just $13,995.

    Anyone could make such a claim about a classic car–but I like this car mainly because Read More

  • March12th


    If you love completely immaculate classic cars, this is a rare find! If you like absolutely immaculate and high level restorations, then this is worth a serious look!

    This Midge is the product of an obsessive restorer who completely went over every single square inch of this car, and did it all extremely well. The car is beautiful every where you look. The underside is Read More

  • March6th

    This is Aiden, and this is an exceptional car and a show-ready Bugeye. We sold this car a few years ago, and the owner called to say he is expanding his collection and Aiden just isn’t getting enough use, so he has to go! Thus we have him for sale again, so here’s a second chance to own a stunning bugeye!

    Like Doug, the white Bugeye you see in the next post, we prepared Read More

  • March6th


    This is Drucilla (Dru for short) and this is one very cool 1960 Bugeye.

    The car is freshly restored and features a lot of great and sought-after components. For example, the 1275 engine was completely rebuilt by Hap Waldrop, who has campaigned a very successful Midget and knows how to make these cars run and run well. The engine build was done right with Read More

  • March5th


    Elliot is now sold and will soon head to Michigan! Congratulations Marty!

    Come for a drive in “Elliot,” a quick little Sprite, with a 1275 engine, disk brakes and wire wheels. We have him for sale at $18,995, which is very reasonable for a sorted and well-modified wire wheel car. Click the test drive video above!

    This is a super nice car with a number of great modifications. For example, Read More