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  • July30th


    If you have been hovering looking for a fantastic Bugeye to add to your collection, this is a rare moment. Between Roz, Rocky and now Aiden, we have three ultimate Bugeyes in stock. After driving all 133 Bugeyes that have come through our shop, I know this is something that doesn’t happen often. Any one of these cars would satisfy the most discerning collector. If you would like to compare and contrast these three excellent Sprites with me, feel free to call today!

    Here’s Aiden, just back from his former home in Santa Barbara. The car was pampered there, and this Bugeye is excellent in every way. Come for a drive with me in the video below. The car is tight, rattle free and powerful, even with it’s stock 948 engine. Everything was built to a very high standard, including the engine, which is stronger than most 948s. (click read more below video)

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  • July27th

    IMG_0307Meet Fiona (AN5L 34022), a 1960 Bugeye driver with some great upgrades. This strong Sprite is available for $16,900 and this car is perfect for anyone who wants a nice car that is not so perfect you can’t enjoy it, but still nice enough to impress.

    I really like the period Amco Nerf bars front and rear because they are different, and I love a luggage rack so you can, for example, bunji on a stack two folding bikes and go cycle exploring in a new town with your mate. All this extra chrome is straight and in nice shape. The car also has a single downdraft Weber Carburetor for easier maintenance, an exhaust header for more power, excellent strong mini light alloy wheels and an electric fuel pump, all driving a great 948 engine. A remote spin on oil filter is also fit, much more convenient than the original. An alternator was also fit along with an upgraded electronic tachometer with the correct original stock face. The slick vintage wood steering wheel is also a really nice period accessory with Les Leston style. Come for a drive with me in the video below! Read More

  • July26th

    IMG_0272If you’re looking for one of the nicest Bugeyes in America, look no further. This is a fantastic 1960 Sprite, completely stripped and then rebuilt to a very high standard. This multi-year project resulted in an exceptional product, which you can drive and enjoy as shown in the video below, or you can trailer to show and win. The car is better than new! You’ll see in the photos how perfectly the entire car is refinished, including the underside. Read More

  • July20th

    Sunday morning was always car time, when my dad and I would pour over the New York Times Sunday classifieds and look at what cool old cars might be for sale. Then we would go out exploring! So here’s the modern Sunday morning video equivalent now that classifieds routinely come to life… a youtube Bugeye Drive in Heathcote, our cool yellow Bugeye for sale. Come for a drive with Bodhi and me!

    IMG_0176This is Heathcote, AN5L 7840, built in late 1958 and then sold (and titled) in 1959. He comes with a Heritage certificate that confirms the build date and primrose yellow as the original color with black trim.

    This is a sweetheart that was extremely well restored a number of years ago and then driven by a meticulous owner in the midwest. He was stored in the winter and always babied, never abused. Everything is documented, including each fuel fill-up through the years, in a hand written dog-eared notebook. Read More

  • July16th



    We have another great article in the July, 2014 issue of Hemmings Sports and Exotic Car! (you can see their first article about our cars featuring three different Bugeyes at the top of our homepage) This new one is all about the blown Bugeye we built for a great customer in Vancouver. Click the link below to read the article! Thanks to David Lachance for another great Bugeye Story!

    In the top picture, you can see the car as it looked once completed. In the picture beneath, you can see David shooting his detail pictures on his visit. The supercharger is a fantastic upgrade. We have kits in stock if you want us to build a blower Bugeye for you!

    Click here to read Hemmings Sports and Exotic Car July 2014 “Blower Bugeye” article

  • July4th


    Looking for a race car this summer? Today we drove ours and it was a blast!

    Here’s Russ, master Bugeye technician, in “Fletch,” (AN5L 29594) a Bugeye you can trailer to the track this weekend for vintage races, autocross or hill climb events. (the nose comes off easily with fast pins, we have it off during this testing session) Read More

  • June29th


    Here’s a great MGB for summer fun! This is the best year, a steel dash model with the most attractive interior, before the cars got muddied up with emissions, reflectors and plastic trim! (in 68 the pillow dash was introduced, and it’s ugly!) Any car pre 68 is the year to have! You can own this one for just $8,495. She’s great fun to drive, come along with me in the video below!(and make sure to click “read more” below to see more pictures)

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  • June28th


    Here’s a unique opportunity to own in instant hit at any car show! This car won best in show at wheels over the pond in Florida this past winter, quite an accomplishment at a very large all British annual show! Now we have it for sale again, the owner is ready for his next classic! He won his class last year with our former burgundy and cream 100/4 too… he really likes nice cars! And now this one can be yours! Read More

  • June28th


    Way to go Glenn! Congratulations and this car will soon be headed to you in Southern California!

    I’ve added a fun new driving video below for this car, check it out!

    Here’s a wonderful restored 1960 Bugeye we call “Red.” (AN5L 23380)

    I first saw this Bugeye a few year ago and it was immaculate, the subject of a multi-year restoration. So when it came up for sale this year, I remembered the car with it’s distinctive red lips and jumped on it. Read More

  • June13th


    This is Hank, (AN5L 45348) a really nice driver you can enjoy all summer long. He has a very recently rebuilt 1098 engine (with less than 1500 miles), a new transmission, new clutch, new performance exhaust, starter motor, oil cooler and more. Carbs were also rebuilt and are like new, all making Hank a great runner. There are a few minor cosmetic imperfections, but is a great driver you can enjoy right now!

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  • May31st

    Ignition Switch Guillotine

    We’re excited to introduce a fix for a really annoying Bugeye Sprite problem! This is a product needed on every Bugeye Sprite ever built! We’ve now added this product to our growing Bugeye accessory line-up!


    If you’ve ever tried to fit an ignition switch on a Bugeye, you know that the clip that holds the switch to the dash is inferior, and difficult to fit. Furthermore, many of the combination switches in the field are loose and can wind up the wires if you’re not careful-a fire hazard. Too many people over turn the key, and a loose switch is the result!

    We got tired of wrestling with these issues on customer cars and created a clever solution… our new guillotine clamps the switch and locks it to the dash, ending any loose switch issues!

    If you have a loose combo switch, or you are restoring a Bugeye, you need one of these! They are in stock and ready to ship! Each one comes with the two allen wrenches needed for installation. Check out the video below to see how this new part works!

    Get your ignition switch fix today!

    $39.95 + 8.95 shipping and handling

  • May29th

    We are honored to have this blue car come from California for a five speed conversion and for other work. We are delighted that our shop is national in scope, and that shipping all over the country is easy for us to manage! This particular car is super-simple and because it is so solid and so quick, the cosmetics seem irrelevant, it feels perfect just how it sits! (we’ll still make it better, that’s our obsession)

    In the second video, you’ll see the major project underway for “Byron’s” new owner. He’s a serious car collector who wants the best, and so Byron is getting a new transmission (smooth case exterior, rib case internals) and a bunch of new gaskets to try and slow down forever leaking British iron. I was struck by the contrast of raw driver and immaculate show car just a few feet apart, and thus I made these videos, to share the pure joy of transforming all Bugeyes, regardless of their level of restoration.

  • May26th

    IMG_7202Here’s one of our current projects under way… this car reflects all we have learned from the 126 Bugeyes we have sold before it!

    We have restored all the sheet metal, painted the car black and then accented the rich black color with crimson red seat piping and anthracite wheels and powder coated windshield and cockpit trim to match. While black was never offered by the factory, we feel this is a stunning color combination with tasteful accents.

    We always work hard to retain the original heritage and components, so you’ll notice all the correct switches and dials as well as a dashboard that’s restored to look just like the original. Same with doors and door pockets.

    We upgraded the power plant to 1275 and the front brakes to disk, while retaining the original lever shocks and 165 tires for performance and ride quality (we hate tube shocks on these cars). Also fit is an improved exhaust for performance while retaining sufficient ground clearance. Going too big on tires and exhaust has significant consequences!

    This car should be done in a few weeks and here’s a preview in the video below!