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unnamed-18We are excited to announce that we have upgraded our catalog offerings and order template to make it easier than ever to get great parts for your Sprite, quickly and efficiently! Check out our new store at the link below (or click the catalog cover)!

We’ll be adding lots of great products each week and if you can’t find what you need, please call or email, as we have almost everything in stock to build a great Bugeye. Our experience with the 200 Bugeyes that have passed through our shop allows us to share with you which parts work… and which don’t. We look forward to being of service with our new Sprite-Specific catalog built by Sprite-specialists, so you too can build the ultimate Sprite! The catalog is web-based so no print version is available, but we hope you’ll find it easy to navigate online for the fastest service!


The Finest MGA? Amazing restored car for sale.

IMG_0848I love MGAs. Have two in my collection, a 58 coupe and a 62 Mk2. We have owned and sold many of them.

I bought this 1958 MGA because I thought I might want to keep it, but the truth is I barely drive the cars that I have, so I am reluctantly offering this car for sale for someone who will use it. This one is the product of a masterful and obsessive owner who improved the car in every way. Call it a resto mod if you like, but I would say this is just a pure MGA made into an ultimate driving machine. It has multiple impressive upgrades to make this car both visually spectacular and a delight to drive, courtesy of disk brakes in front, supercharger, Ford five speed conversion, lower rear end ratio and many more modifications.

The colors, while non stock, is exceptionally elegant, and based on the reactions I have witnessed out on the street, Champagne is the perfect color for an MGA. People go nuts when they see this car.
Most of the colors of the era were without metallic, and perhaps a bit flat. Take your average Olde English White MGA, for example, and while elegant, the paint is often somewhat milky. This car is vibrant and alive, much more to modern standards. The elegant MGA form is dramatically enhanced by this elegant color… and the result is outstanding.


The rebuilt 1800 MGB five main bearing engine is excellent, and it benefits from an Eaton modern supercharger and new HS6 SU carburetor. Power is excellent, even though boost is low to keep engine longevity in mind. The exhaust is an upgraded stainless Flowmaster system, quiet but with a deep roar. The five speed ford gear box is a delight in every way. The ratios feel right, first gear is fully synchronized, the overdrive is dreamy.

There are quite a few other wonderful touches as evidence of the commitment of the builder to build the ultimate MGA. For example, he fit a custom cockpit wind block screen for the back edge of the cockpit, to reduce wind noise. It’s an exceptional custom build, that is artfully integrated with the edge of the cockpit so it looks like it belongs. The head pillows on this wind blocker match the interior perfectly. The steering wheel is custom wrapped in matching leather. The underside of the trunk lid is artfully covered with carpet, to simply make a nicer finished product. The hood/top is matching stay fast deluxe material, as are the amazing side curtains, works of art by themselves. A back up electric fuel pump is fit, with a switch behind the seat in case it is needed. Two twelve volt battery are fit (instead of the stock twin 6 volts to make 12) for a more robust electrical system. The list goes on, but unlike a lot of “improved” British cars, this one is simply done right.

This car is not cheap, and it is priced for that person who wants absolutely the finest of everything in an MGA, in a color that is simply outstanding, with the best driving modifications all built in. If you are that kind of collector, please feel free to call or email for more information!

Bugeye Yoga Class

IMG_1089Most of us at Bugeyeguy are pretty nimble, and Yoga has been a tool throughout the years to keep us in shape. Russ the mechanic, on the other hand, has been a bit lazy with his Yoga practice, so I was delighted see him doing this inversion on his break, resting his organs from a long day on his feet. (actually he is working on the wiring on Mr Barrie’s Bugeye, but I couldn’t resist)

Bugeye Bikini Bike

unnamed-7We were delighted to get these great pix from Edd out in North California, the proud new owner of a Bugeyeguy String Bikini top. He’s field tested it at speed with great results, and has been appreciating the sun protection in the 100 degree heat this week. Edd is also a passionate cyclist, and has rigged a front fork quick release to his roll bar and then straps the rear wheel to his luggage rack. About the only thing that can make a Bugeye look cooler is a sweet carbon bike on the back!unnamed-8

We are really excited about the Bikini top, as it keeps out the sun and lets in the fresh air. Edd said he couldn’t take the car on this trip without this top, as his partner is  particularly sun-sensitive. So our mission is accomplished, one more Bugeye that was able to make it’s voyage courtesy of an improved part that was previously unavailable. This new top is highway ready, courtesy of the secure windshield mounting bar which matches the original style of top. In other words, the top is secured to the front of the windshield just like the original Bugeye top, and is therefore quite secure, even at highway speed. We can make these in any color, so feel free to email if you have a specific request!

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 10.41.59 AM

1960 Restored Bugeye For Sale – 1275 and disk brakes in correct original Cherry Red- “PETEY”

Now sold to Guy who bought himself a great birthday present! Congratulations!

Petey is a 1960 Restored Bugeye with an upgraded 1275 engine and disk brakes for more power and better stopping. The car is completely restored and solid, with a new paint job and new interior from about 2010. We sold this car in 2011 and have just bought it again because it’s a great one! All the fuss is done–just  jump in and GO! This car is painted in the original cherry red color as it would have looked when offered new. While the name of the color makes it sound like it should be bright red, this correct color was actually more of a deep blood red as pictured.


To Buy this Bugeye either email: or call David at 203-561-6929

Austin Healey Sprite/ MG Midget electronic tachometer and alternator conversion kit

I got a call this week from a client with a screaming tach drive. This is a chronic problem with Bugeyes, the mechanical tach is a complicated system that has to be set up just right, otherwise pieces break. Cables bind. Tachometers get dusty and jumpy, and reproduction tach drives are notorious for heating up and imploding. Reproduction generators don’t always interface properly with tach drives. It’s a chain that can be finicky and tough to maintain. So here’s a great solution that fixes a multitude of problems once and for all… this alternator kit with electric tachometer fixes everything once and for all.

Charging is also more reliable with the alternator—the regulator in the alternator is more reliable than the original, and the bearings in the alternator last longer. Most Sprites don’t need an alternator for increased output, although that is a fringe benefit (and the headlights won’t dim at idle as they do with the generator). The real reason for doing all this is that the mechanics are much more reliable, the interfaces easier to maintain, and the overall reliability is greater. This is a set-up that we feel a lot more comfortable sending out into the world on all our cars, with the best results!


Included in the full kit is a correct Mark 1 tach with modern electronic guts hidden inside. You simply follow the wiring instructions and hook it to the coil. This is a relatively easy upgrade and fun for anyone who is handy. Or bring the whole kit to any car repair shop and they should be able to put the whole thing in pretty quickly. You’ll need to send us your mechanical tach as a core, so we can rebuild it for the next client. Built into the price is a $200 core charge, and if your tach is cosmetically in good condition, we return the full amount. If it is marginal, you might get less than the full core charge returned so we can pay to have your tach restored for the next client. You must convert your car to negative ground for this to work. Please also note if you have a high beam indicator or an ignition indicator on your tachometer and order accordingly. FYI from the factory Bugeye’s came with the Red ignition indicator but we often find the gauges have been swapped with later gauges that are the opposite configuration.

This kit is a great way to eliminate a lot of the common Bugeye headaches, so you can enjoy your car with greater reliability.

Solo heads to Colorado!

IMG_1030This is a really sweet car now on it’s way West (in the company of a nice 911). Here is the car loading into one of the enclosed trailers we use for such a 2000 mile journey.

I wanted to share this photo primarily so you can see the custom cream tan top we fit, which was a great color for this car. We considered tan or black, but this creamy tan looked best, and we were glad we had it in stock to custom fit to this car. Feel free to call or email for custom top and tonneau colors, we have many choices available outside the norm.