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Restored 1968 Morris Mini Cooper S for sale

I’ve been bombing around in this wonderful Cooper this week, it’s exceptionally fast, great fun and ready for a new home! This mini will smoke any stock 1275 Bugeye. It’s that quick!

We got the car from a restorer in Kentucky, freshly painted metallic royal blue. We assembled and completed the restoration. It shines beautifully!

The interior is also really nice. No rust, floors have been repaired, and most importantly, the car screams! 1.5 inch larger SU carbs are fit, and front disk brakes stop the car very nicely. This one puts a smile on my face with every shift!

Recent 145 sr 10 Khumho tires are fit, with surprisingly good grip and a very correct look. Oil pressure is excellent-the 1275s Engine is very strong. A fully synchronized four-speed transmission (1968 would be the first year for a fully synchronized gearbox) is also a dream, with great synchros and smooth shifting. Hydraulics are all new. Ride quality is quite nice.

We put on nice new bumpers, and while not technically Cooper S correct, they shine nicely and look as good as the rest of the car. This is stunner and a whole lot of fun! Call or email for more details! More pictures to follow next week.

Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite mirrors-no holes to drill!

For years we have played with various post-mounted mirrors on Bugeyes that bolt in the aft mounting hole for your windshield frame and require no extra hole in the door or bonnet. We strongly dislike drilling holes in our Bugeyes to mount mirrors, especially after a fresh paint job. This has taken us down a path to find mirrors that will work without turning your bonnet into swiss cheese.

This particular mirror is our new favorite, as it is similar in size and shape to the dash mounted rearview mirror. The scale looks right on the car… other stalk mirrors look too much like “trailer mirrors”. Instead, these look like they belong.

Sold individually, but a pair works nicely and the passenger side mirror is easy to view. Very easy to install. Simply remove the aft windshield bolt and secure the mirror in the same hole. (The Raydyot bullet mirror is another option, if you prefer a stainless steel finish. You can see more about that mirror option by clicking here)

Get your new rectangular side view mirror today by clicking here.


If you need a part that you do not see on our site or have a question about anything we offer feel free to reach out:

A Bugeye Sprite with true star power

Here’s a photo of Charles leaving our shop for his trip to Providence in his new bugeye sprite, “Percy.”

Most memorable about this maiden voyage was his report that his daughter happened to see him pass down interstate 95 in the Providence area. About 175,000 people on average travel interstate 95 in Providence per day. What are the odds that a family member on her way home from work would see YOU pass by?

A stock Bugeye Sprite has about 45 horsepower. Novelty power is much greater. In a world of vehicular sameness, we cater to people who like to be noticed, not for their opulence or extravagance, but for driving a car with a personality so inclusive that people can’t help but smile and wave.

Charles’ Bugeye is not restored, nor is he a celebrity. Yet he carries sufficient star power for viewers who can’t help but join the fun.

Bugeye Sprite original turn signal indicator light

We love correct Sprite dashboards, and this little indicator light is an essential ingredient, particularly since it stares you right in the face, directly in front of the steering wheel. I can’t tell you how many Bugeyes we have seen with this indicator missing.

We are very excited to finally be able to offer an indicator that works. While not an exact reproduction of the original in terms of how they assemble, once installed, they do a very convincing job of looking the part. These are also easier to hard-wire to the indicator bulb, an improvement over the original design. This bezel comes with a light socket rigged for a tidy and solid connection to your harness. We ship them ready to install with the bulb included.fullsizerender-1

Get your indicator light today by clicking here.

If you need a part that you do not see on our site or have a question about anything we offer feel free to reach out:


Bugeye Sprite Day/Night Mirror for vintage eyeballs

img_2686One of my favorite features on this Bugeye below I call “The Egg” is the day/night mirror. It’s funny to note that on this near-perfect 1275 five-speed wonderfully modified sprite, the one thing that stands out to me is that this is the only Bugeye I have ever driven with a day/night mirror. img_2662

As my eyes get more intolerant of xenon-powered retina-melting headlights shooting in my face, this little mirror is a dream. Plus, the elevated windshield mounting position makes rearward visibility far superior to the normal Bugeye dashboard mount.

Thus we set out to find a great stick-on windshield mirror for all Bugeyes, so that The Egg is not the only one thusly equipped. We’ve found a somewhat vintage (70s?) reproduction mirror with the day night feature to match what is shown, which we think is one of the nicest things you can do for your bugeye, and your eyes. Made of ABS black plastic.  Get your day/night mirror today by clicking here.
img_2687 img_2685

World’s best Bugeye detailer

Some Burbank car washes are better than others, and we like this one, where they carefully clean the glass the old-fashioned way, with newspaper.


Caitlyn Jenner’s supercharged Bugeye was delivered last week to Leno’s garage. Jay was kind enough to clean the glass for Caitlyn’s maiden voyage. Congratulations Caitlyn! And Jay, maybe we can also build a one-of-a kind Bugeye for you next!