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Wonderful 1960 BT7 Austin Healey 3000 Mark 1 for sale!

Of all the big Healeys we have had, this car is one of my favorites. It’s just right, gorgeous and impressive, but not so nice you would be afraid to drive it. This car was owned for 14 years by someone who did just that… they drove it about 10k miles, and loved every minute. Test drive video below!


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“Mitchell” A one-owner restored 1960 Bug eye Sprite for sale!

It is so rare to find a one owner car these days, especially a Bugeye, which was so inexpensive they were often traded for debts, given away, or left for dead. Here’s a Sprite that was lovingly cared for by one man since new, and sold to me by his family after he passed. It’s a wonderful example, and this car was lucky to have a large amount of restoration dollars spent on new paint, new floors and new mechanicals, all in the past ten or so years.
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A Bugeye Sprite is good for your marriage and other tales from an owner since 1962


Tom and Judith Brewer have been married 53 years. They went on their honeymoon in this Bugeye in 1962. He recently brought to us to get it back on the road again. Listen to his story in the videos below! And check out his remarkable original interior, all the original rubber mats are present in the cockpit!

“Shelby,” custom 1960 Bugeye Sprite for sale–mini Cobra!

We’re psyched to welcome back “Shelby” to our shop! Scott was rotating his collection so we were lucky to have a chance to buy back this one-of-a-kind Bugeye. This special custom Sprite was one of the three Sprites featured on the Hemmings Sports and Exotics Bugeye cover story (you can read it in the right margin of this page). The paint is outstanding and the body has been smoothed and modified for a very clean look.


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Restored wire wheel 1275 disk brake (and more) 1960 Bugeye Sprite for sale!

IMG_4391Here, Bodhi completes his final inspection and certifies that this Sprite is now ready for a new home.

This car is now sold and heading to Toronto! Congratulations Robert!

This is a 1960 Bugeye An5L 27855. We call him “Arnold,” primarily because we have four red Bugeyes in our building right now, and that’s how we can tell them all apart.

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More cool Bugeye modifications!


Ron’s supercharged Bugeye was back this week, for a few more modifications that he requested.

First up was power brakes to lessen pedal effort, at the request of his wife. We custom fit a brake booster to do the job, and the result is impressive. Now the front disks stop the car faster for a given amount of pedal effort.

He also wanted his windshield tinted, so we laid on a nice 45% tint for a nice shady cockpit. These are two more great upgrades for one already awesome Bugeye!


No two Bugeyes are the same, and it’s a pleasure for us to customize each one to the unique needs of each owner.

Zen and the art of 948 CC engine maintenance

Here’s the engine for our barn find project “Beans,” on the engine stand with fresh bores, new pistons and new rings, as we ready this engine for installation and another 50 years of fun.

Please enjoy this meditative Bugeye moment.

Bugeye Boyd and his new owner

We bid farewell to the green Bugeye “Boyd” this week, and I thought you might like to meet his new owner. Congratulations Brian!


Supercharged Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite departs for a new home

Today it was time for “Roz” to depart for Rhode Island, and Ron chose to have the car delivered to his house by flatbed truck. The final product is stunning, with multiple performance and cosmetic upgrades. We had built the car with radial white walls and a white tonneau, and Ron, the new owner, chose to have us add custom white seats with matching green piping, white door pockets and a new custom white top. We upgraded the performance with a modern supercharger, custom exhaust and alternator kit.

Everything you see on this car is of course available if you hire us to build a Bugeye just for you. Each of the now 148 Bugeyes we have sold has been completely unique. In the video below, the new owner talks about the choices he made on his spectacular Bugeye build.



Flat-out race car made urban Bugeye warrior

About one third of our customers have more than one Bugeye Sprite. And so I was not surprised when Bill in California, who already owns a stunning restored Bugeye we prepared for him called “Drusilla,” called to purchase our former racer called “Fletch.” When he said that he wanted to keep it in NYC, that got me quite excited. Of course a Bugeye in The Big Apple is about the worst place for the car, with Sprite-sized potholes, abundant newly licensed taxi drivers and full contact parking. But in this age of custom-ride reality TV shows, why not? We proposed an urban assault package with full body armor and sketched up some Max-max inspired nerf bars. But Bill wanted to keep the car’s clean lines intact. We looked to the sky and asked all NYC parking garages attendants to please be kind to this car. And then we set out to convert this former track car to an urban warrior.

We had already fit new street tires and stock lighting, which we quickly upgraded to full LEDs, for maximum visibility. I was worried that the unlocked fuel cap might invite mischief, so we fit a locking cap, buried under a slick racing flip up assembly. We agreed to leave the interior spartan, to retain the racing heritage, and to keep the interior best suited to a quick wipe out should it get wet. We fit racing lap belts, two points of the racing belts you would have found in this car. We fit a leash on the track-required electrical kill switch on the cowl, so the key could be used for additional anti-theft, but would not be a nuisance if ever misplaced. Next came an air horn, electric cooling fan, air filters and a custom tonneau to keep the dirt, water and prying eyes out of the cockpit. That British vinyl had to be custom-fit around all five roll bar legs. And we also removed the rear tube shocks, too stiff, and hanging low in harm’s way. The original lever shocks were a smart choice for ride quality and ground clearance.

There were multiple mechanical challenges given the rough road ahead… for example, the racing header and exhaust was seemingly designed for maximum volume (and performance) so we fit a great muffler but we also had to keep the header from rattling on the driver footwell. Not a concern in a race car since it only happens at low RPMs. But at traffic lights it was knocking out my fillings. So we cut, welded and bent the pipes and now the car is actually somewhat civilized.

I always wanted a race car, but didn’t want to wait till weekends to enjoy it. Driving this car around the block is like taking a lap around the track, and that’s what makes is so much fun. Bill will have to decide if he wants to keep the close ratio straight cut racing gears. The whine you get with this gear-set is intoxicating but perhaps we’ll put in a five speed transmission later.

We’re all really excited about this project, because we pushed the envelope once again and made a Bugeye for a new mission-specific application. Bill wanted a car he could park in New York City and draw a big crowd, even among the most jaded Manhattanites. Fletch will do this job nicely. Come for a drive with me in the video below!