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  • October23rd


    This 1959 TR3A is called “Mischa.” We have Mischa back again, and he’s got new white wall tires along with about $4,000 in other improvements! More on those in a minute…

    I bought this car in 2011 from a friend who had purchased the car about 4 year prior from a long-time owner in Arizona. The car spent it’s life in the dry Southwest and it shows… this is an un-restored car that is completely rust free and solid-a very rare find indeed! For example, take a look inside his spare tire well (second to last photo) and you will see an original and rust-free tire locker. The trunk floor also is remarkably rust free and original. In fact, around the trunk you can still see the original weather strip and gaskets (see photo album). Life in Arizona was good to this car! Read More

  • October19th

    According to this new Bugeye owner… “Don’t be the guy whose kids have to buy you a Bugeye for your 75th birthday.”

    Congratulations David and Lynn, we wish you many wonderful miles with your new Bugeye “Cat!” We took this great car and made it spectacular, after about 45 repairs and improvements custom-tailored to the needs of the new owner. We currently have about six great Bugeyes in stock–call if we can build-out one just for you!


  • October19th


    Here’s a wonderful Porsche full of Bugeye personality. This very well-restored 1963 Porsche 356B is elegant and sophisticated, a stylish gentleman compared to a rugged and toss-able nimble Sprite. These sold for about $4,200 when new compared to the Bugeye’s $1,795 new price, so of course, everything is quite different. The interior is more luxurious, the car is quieter and simply more elegant while retaining great sports car fun, racing heritage and service simplicity. The 356 is full of personality and lovable curves, just like a Bugeye and that’s why I like it so much. And the car is tons of fun to drive and admire. Everyone needs one of each.

    Check it out in the video below, and click the “read more” button to see more information, pricing and a great photo album!

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  • October16th

    IMG_1809This is one of the best Bugeyes we have ever had yet a few people couldn’t get past the color matched red wheels, so we have changed them to the correct silver ones! Today we re-introduce Aiden with his new wheels. And he’s looking quite handsome.

    This is a smashing 1959 Bugeye built by one of the best restorers we have encountered. This builder was meticulous and produced a super-solid Bugeye that will outlive us all. The car looks fantastic, in fact I took it to his first show two weeks ago and won first prize. Aiden is better than ever.

    I sold Aiden a few years ago to a collector in Santa Barbara, who recently wanted to change-up his collection and offered me the car, which I was delighted to buy back. Come for a drive with me in the video below. The car is tight, rattle-free and powerful, with an uprated 948 engine that’s quicker than most 948s. Everything was built to a very high standard! (click “read more” below the first video to see two more videos about this car!)

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  • October13th

    IMG_1763Richard fell in love, as you can see in the video below, and bought this great Bugeye from a dealer in Florida. The car had a number of mechanical issues so we were honored when he trailered his baby all the way to us in Connecticut for restoration of the systems to make the car drive wonderfully once again.

    It was a two month project to transform the car into an awesome driving machine. We corrected and improved about 70 items on the worksheet we prepared, ranging from an ignition switch that had a non working key (and turned on by activating the parking lights), to a rebuilt transmission because of terrible second gear synchros, to performance improvements like a front sway bar and upgraded electronic ignition.

    For me, the best part of a project like this is the before and after comparison. The car that we drove into his trailer for him to take home bore little resemblance to what was delivered. This car is now sure footed and stable, much more so than it was when it arrived on bias ply tires with non working rear brakes.

    Once the coarse issues are sorted, then we get to work through the fine tuning and more subtle challenges. This car, for example, needed a rich setting for power as the revs climbed, but the idle suffered, so we fit new rich rigid needles which allowed a leaner idle setting but provided the required richness through the rev-range. This made a huge difference and is probably an ethanol related requirement. We can leverage our experience in a case like this to make the final result superior. It’s the kind of thing you wouldn’t know was possible unless you drove a lot of these cars.

    It’s a privilege to give this car the required transplants so it can enjoy a new lease on life, and to have customers who are willing to ship us their cars for this service. And what a joy to see Richard so happy and excited. If you see this small red flash pass you in the Stuart, Florida area, make sure you give him a thumbs up! Congratulations Richard!

  • October11th


    Whereas the Bugeye driving experience is spirited and cute, driving this car is erotic. From the moment you get into this Ferrari, it’s all sex all the time. You don’t sit in it, you go to bed with it, by practically laying down in sumptuous leather seats.

    You know me as a British car guy, and while most of the cars I love are quite sexual and fluid on the outside, this car greets you with an amazing tactile array of pleasures throughout the entire vehicle. All the angles, slats and vents are initially a bit jarring, but when you drive the thing, they suddenly become very interesting details you can’t help but explore. It’s a car that I would have easily hated, had I not bought one and fallen in love. Here’s my first real drive in the car:

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  • October8th


    Here’s a new driving video and a new price for this great MGA! Check it out if you are looking for a British classic that is sure to appreciate.

    This great car has two particularly wonderful assets… as the last of the series, it’s the most rare MGA with the lowest production numbers (other than the twin cam) and it’s a one owner car! The value is further enhanced because it has the restored original engine and transmission that came in this car, rather than the 1800 B engine that is often swapped into MGAs. We have this exceptional car available at a new reduced price of $23,995.

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  • October4th

    $_57I spent hours running a slot car around my childhood bedroom and this hobby was one of the things that led me to my passion for full sized cars. Maybe you have a similar story!

    My favorite HO series cars were a Mustang and a Ford Hot rod. I never had any British slot cars, but plenty of die cast British cars in 1/43 scale. This is a slot car I saw for sale on British Ebay. Looks just like Coleman in the post below!

  • September24th

    IMG_1386This is a Bugeye called “Coleman,” a 1960 Austin Healey Sprite that was the subject of a multi-year rotisserie restoration. Both the topside AND underside are immaculate, with any rusty metal removed, new metal welded in place and everything then recoated in striking bright red. There is absolutely no rust anywhere on this car. Everything was completely disassembled and rebuilt. The interior is brand new. This is an excellent restored car. Read More

  • September20th

    IMG_1010We didn’t win an official trophy at the Lime Rock Concours this past Labor Day. Our class included some classic super cars, and our adorable little duckling didn’t stand a chance against these marvelous swans. Our trophy was this photo, because the beautiful model pictured didn’t stop to pose with the class winners. She came back to the Bugeye twice. That says a lot about the Bugeye’s timeless appeal.

    We had a blast, and here are some photos of my favorite sights from a wonderful day! Read More

  • September13th

    IMG_0272If you’re looking for one of the nicest Bugeyes in America, look no further. This is a fantastic 1960 Sprite, completely stripped and then rebuilt to a very high standard. This multi-year project resulted in an exceptional product, which you can drive and enjoy as shown in the video below, or you can trailer to show and win. The car is better than new! You’ll see in the photos how perfectly the entire car is refinished, including the underside. Read More

  • September12th


    This is Hank, (AN5L 45348) a really nice driver that’s ready for fun. Hank was a recent Hamptons resident, where he enjoyed regular weekend workouts to Montauk and back. This car has had lots of recent mechanical work including a very recently rebuilt more powerful than stock 1098 engine (with less than 1500 miles), new clutch, starter motor, spin on oil filter upgrade, and oil cooler to help keep things cool on hot days. This car is very reasonably priced at $15,995. NEW! Take a drive below!

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  • September11th


    NEW! We’ve mounted new wide white walls tires and an Olde English White tonneau to match, perfect for hot climates. If you live where a black tonneau would cook in the hot sun, this a really nice alternative to keep your Sprite cool. These new BF Goodrich radial wide white walls ride great! And we’ve left the black wall tire pictures up on this post so you can see plenty of photos of the great restoration of this car. Also, a few new restoration pictures are added in the gallery so you can see the care that went into the total restoration of this Bugeye.

    If you like fantastic restored cars, this one is for you. This car (AN5L 9720-built in 1959, titled/first sold in 1960) was extensively restored on a rotisserie, with the underside almost as immaculate as the top side. All rust was cut out with new metal welded in so this is a great Bugeye that has been completely gone through.

    “Roz” was built in Roswell, Georgia, a multi-year project that included Read More