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Understanding Bugeye Sprite BAE numbers


Gumby’s beautiful new green interior is coming together nicely, and so it is time to cover over the rear parcel shelf and say goodbye for now to the BAE number that is still present in crayon on the back deck. 14586 was assigned in 1959 for this body at Pressed Steel, down the road from the Abingdon factory where Bugeyes were assembled. This number is close but not the same as the chassis number, 14908, which lives on as the Vin number for the car. (You can also see the BAE number in the passenger side door jam on the car, as shown).

On many cars these crayon numbers are long gone. I did once see an ebay listing with the vin number, not the BAE # scribbled in this spot in yellow, but I have a feeling that was a sneaky seller. The BAE, not chassis number would be correct in this spot.

I’ve had Gumby since 1978. This is the second non stock paint job, first in BRG and now in Aston Racing green… but I love having that original cherry red reminder under the rear mat, out of site, but still there. The mission of project Gumby has been to innovate while still acknowledging the past.

The BAE number was assigned when the body was stamped and then welded on the chassis at Pressed Steel Company in Swindon. Here you can see a worker at Pressed Steel welding or brazing rear gussets in place on the cargo shelf as the bodies were assembled prior to paint. Note some spots of presumably lead filler on various body panels on the line, in preparation for the trip as shown, down the road to the Morris paint shop in Cowley, where the cars were sprayed. Only then did they move on to the Abington plant for final assembly.

Can you see Gumby in these pictures (circa 1959)?


Cross flow Aluminum Bugeye Sprite with four-port injection-first run

We’ve all worked hard to perfect this new build on Gumby, and here is our first run. This cross flow head with fuel injection should give us about 90 HP. We are not trying to set any power records but to simply make a very drivable and consistent platform, with improved reliability. No carb, no choke, no distributor.

We will run this on a dyno soon and provide some hard numbers. We will also offer all these parts for sale. We are improvising here with temporary gauges until the dashboard is recovered and in place, but in the meantime it runs great. No more fiddling with SUs-the laptop allows fine tuning not afforded with the stock components.

Now that the cam is broken in and the engine is ready for the first drive, we move on to the custom interior, which is taking shape nicely.

All about Bugeye Sprite side curtains

Here’s a sidecurtain basics video, requested by a few different clients who were putting on their Bugeye windows for the very first time.

If you want to extend your driving season, side curtains are essential. The problem is that most of them have been damaged from a lifetime sliding around the boot. And when you go to use them, the scratches in the windows reduce visibility dramatically, and render them almost useless. So back in the boot they go, never to be used again.

We have the parts so you can give your windows another chance… we sell new plexi in our catalog, and new window sets if yours are missing. And new rubber gaskets too, should those be needed. But most important is a soft pouch, to protect the plexi and ensure scratch free windows, and thus good visibility, and safety for all occupants!

Buy a set of new side curtains by clicking here

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Bugeye Sprite creative color schemes

Color creativity with Bugeyes is a real luxury. Were we E-type specialists, we might be more limited, since correct colors are crucial for investment grade vintage Jags. But with Sprites, many tastefully modified cars come with great non-stock colors. The market is strong for Bugeyes that are well-modified, even if the color is non-stock.

Witness “Bugvette,” which left this week for its new home in Nantucket. This was a one-owner car that was mostly original, but the original owner repainted it in a handsome dark blue. The current owner liked the idea of a tan top and tonneau, and the final result is stunning, a one-of-a-kind color combo that works great!

We continue to push the color envelope and Bugvette is another winner. We stock tan tops and tonneaus in our catalog, and can get many different custom colors. Just ask! Check out the top and tonneau section of our Online Catalog by clicking here.

64K mile 1971 Volvo P1800E for sale!

This Volvo P1800 #184363034961 has just 64,000 miles and drives wonderfully, with a four speed transmission, aftermarket sunroof and factory electric overdrive. It has the original engine and fuel injection, and starts and runs beautifully. It was driven sporadically by the last owner who had the car since about 2000, when receipts place mileage at about 60,000. Thus the car has traveled just 4000 miles in the last 17 years. All service records are included since that time and the car was maintained with no expense spared to keep the car in excellent mechanical shape. Note the recent new front brake calipers and lines.

I bought this car for my personal collection. It’s solid and I love the lines of this striking and unusual classic. I just haven’t had time to enjoy it, and since I need the space, I have decided to pass this one on to someone who enjoy it.

The car was repainted dark green over the original code 104 turquoise. The paint is very good and shines beautifully. Chrome and trim is also in very nice condition. The engine bay is very clean and the underside is nice and solid. Overdrive works nicely. This car is a lot of fun to drive.

The interior would benefit from restoration, although it is serviceable. There are a few cracks in replacement ABS dash board cover, so one might remove the dash and recover it with the original pad, which is easily available. The seats and foam are also older, so the car is a candidate for new carpet and seats.

The exterior of the car looks so good and it runs so well, in many ways this is the ideal project car that allows you to restore the interior while you enjoy it. Or drive it as is, but either way, the body is nice and the car looks great. The price is $15,900. I can’t think of many classic cars this unique, this head-turning, (with overdrive and fuel injection) for this price!

Call or email with questions!


1959 Bugeye Sprite driver with period Kellison nose!

This is “Kellison,” a Bugeye with a light-weight and sleek 60s accessory nose!

Click to enlarge this period Kellison advertisement. (The original nose was $150!)

Somewhere along its journey, a prior owner removed the Bugeye nose and put on a fiberglass Kellison Nose, a very cool and unique period accessory. This front end gives makes this a special car indeed, and will guarantee a lot of attention at car shows. It’s common to see later Spridgets fit with Bugeye noses, but rarely to you find a nice Bugeye fit with an aftermarket period nose. I am guessing this one was purchased in the 60s because the original business card is still attached to the nose (see photo below). Kellison moved from Folsum to Lincoln, CA in 1963.

AN5L 18695 is a nice 1959 Bugeye with a strong 1275 engine, painted in the correct original Cherry red color.

The car needed a valve job so we just put on a new head with hardened seats and new valves and springs and the car drives great. We also changed the steering rack boots and radius arm bushings. We also replaced water hoses as needed and fixed a few oil leaks. We changed the fuel tank, fixed the fuel gauge (which has a metal float on the sender, ethanol proof) and replaced any of the older fuel line. We also fixed the charging system. We spent a lot of time on this car-feel free to call to get the final list of improvements, as we made many. Our goal was to make a reasonably priced driver anyone could enjoy without breaking the bank and the car is now ready to go to a new home.

The car already has an upgraded solid state electronic fuel pump, new tires and an exhaust header as well as performance muffler and front sway bar. The car also has a nearly new top in great shape and a pair of original side curtains, which will need restoration, but they are good cores. Air filters are included, we just weren’t finished tuning when I took the pictures.

This is a flip forward assembly for much improved engine access. It’s also significantly lighter than a stock steel nose. I happen to love the look. And if you ever wanted to go back to a stock Bugeye nose, we have those available in steel and fiberglass.

The car drives wonderfully and looks great. If you are looking for a nice driving Bugeye that’s a bit out of the ordinary, Kellison is a good one, for $13,995.