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Gumby Bugeye restoration continues

Gumby is almost ready for paint. Here are some body shop pix, as the final details get sorted, and all the edges and holes are cleaned up and prepped. Aston Martin racing Green is my color choice, and the car will otherwise look a lot like the silver and red injected Bugeye we are finishing now.

In these pictures, I am laying the color swatches on, to try and find a modern color code that is just right. Since this is a non-stock color, we can go off the map of traditional Bugeye choices.

It’s great to restore this old friend!








Fuel injected Bugeye Sprite test miles begin

IMG_0777Here is the pulse width graph for our fuel injection system, displayed on a laptop. Each value in the graph corresponds to a throttle position setting and RPM, and it is all infinitely adjustable. While this may have you hankering for your little SU mixture adjusting wrench and Unisyn synchronizer, this is the most fun we have ever had tuning a Bugeye.

For example, Russ and I drove around this week with the laptop plugged in through the firewall and he could tweak the mixture (and spark advance) any way we liked without stopping to open the hood. More importantly, we are no longer limited to a setting that impacts the entire rpm range, and we can instead custom tune any portion of the spectrum.

While this is all primitive when compared to a modern computer controlled car, this is such a massive step forward for these simple cars. No choke, consistent idle every time, easier starting, no hiccups, and if there are, you can adjust them out. This is the opposite of a down draft Weber on a Bugeye, which usually has transition stumbles that take away a lot of driving pleasure. You can adjust the Weber but without a dyno it’s a lot of time and hit or miss. With the EFI, we can precisely adjust the fuel delivery for the demand, and it works beautifully.

IMG_0796This particular car is almost complete and will soon ship to the customer in Michigan. First we’ll build some test miles (and show off). Here is Russ adding the electric fan, and photos of the hard tonneau now that it is painted, and the head fairing as well. Those items are available for your car if you like, and you can order them below! With just the hard tonneau, the car looks really great too!






2005 Lotus Elise auction ends Weds June 1!

We’ve got this beautiful Elise up for auction online with good bidding climbing upward.
Check it out for sale on Bring a Trailer.  
The auction ends on June, 1, so if you’re interested, don’t delay!

Here’s a car that handles like nothing else on the road.

This 2005 Lotus Elise was bought new in Texas on July 25th 2004. We know this because the first owner kept a log book, which the subsequent two owners have also used to log all the maintenance. The log book is immaculate, and the car was loved and cared-for in the very same way. This is a wonderful example that shows as new. We cannot find any stone chips or signs of damage anywhere on the car. The car was sold with Starshield, an impressive clear bra system that came with the car. It has also never done any track days (many of these end up doing more track miles than road miles).

Colin Chapman, the founder of Lotus, is often quoted as saying; “Power makes you faster in the straights. Subtracting weight makes you faster everywhere.” The Elise carries on the founders mentality. While it may only have 190 horsepower, when you combine that with a 1900 lb curb weight and a superbly balanced chassis you end up with one of the quickest cars money can buy. The perfectly balanced mid-mounted Toyota motor ties a purpose built sports car with Japanese reliability.

The black powder-coated wheels were installed in December of 2014, less than 4,000 miles ago, a modification which really pops with the orange paint. With just around 20,000 miles and meticulous service records, this wonderful example is quite special and unmolested.

The car is primarily stock. A few tasteful upgrades have been added, such as the wheels mentioned above, rear spoiler, upgraded mirrors and later rear quarter vents. The prior owner preferred the look of these later black side vents and updated them. The key fob immobilizer and alarm has also be immobilized and now the remote only operates the central locks. I personally think this is a fantastic upgrade, as those immobilizers are annoying. I’m glad this one is gone. The flashing light you see on the dashboard in the video is meant to look like an alarm when the car is parked.

The car comes with Lotus trickle charger, sun visors and factory literature that came with the car as well as a factory service manual.

This is something a little different from us here at Bugeyeguy, but a sportscar that any enthusiast should consider. Check out all the pictures and the video below and don’t hesitate to email if you have any questions, and call or email for pricing!

Grandson drives sensational 1/2 scale Bugeye Sprite built by Grandpa

unnamed-15Al Baran is the grandad to have, and this is his Grandson Luca with his first trophy and his half scale bugeye built by Al. Here is the future of British collectible cars, and thank you Al for starting Luca off right.

The car was built on a Barbie electric jeep chassis. I wish Al was taking orders, because we could use a few more!
unnamed-17 unnamed-16



Resto-mod ’60 Morris Minor Convertible for sale, NEW VIDEO!


Price reduction! Check out the NEW video above! You can now buy this restored and well modified Morris Minor Convertible for just $14,995. That’s a heck of a deal, and here’s why…
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Correct fuel fittings for your Bugeye Sprite

We now have available the correct fuel tank pick-up fittings and line for your Bugeye. For years we have been supplied by various vendors what is essentially a brake compression olive fitting that does not instill confidence. Now we are very happy to offer the correct part. Notice the difference in the pictures. At Bugeyeguy, we work hard to source the correct parts for your early Sprite. These fittings come soldered on a section of fuel line and are ready to ship!

DSC07883 DSC07886