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unnamed-18We are excited to announce that we have upgraded our catalog offerings and order template to make it easier than ever to get great parts for your Sprite, quickly and efficiently! Check out our new store at the link below (or click the catalog cover)!

We’ll be adding lots of great products each week and if you can’t find what you need, please call or email, as we have almost everything in stock to build a great Bugeye. Our experience with the 200 Bugeyes that have passed through our shop allows us to share with you which parts work… and which don’t. We look forward to being of service with our new Sprite-Specific catalog built by Sprite-specialists, so you too can build the ultimate Sprite! The catalog is web-based so no print version is available, but we hope you’ll find it easy to navigate online for the fastest service!


1961 Bugeye Sprite kit for sale, $2,495

FullSizeRenderHere’s a Bugeye tub ready for you to build. Build it your way, modified or stock. We can help with parts as needed, or perhaps you want to go off the map and make an electric Bugeye? Here’s a good foundation. The car is not complete but we have all the parts you would need depending on what direction you go with the project. It is sold with a rear axle and front suspension parts as shown.

The tub has been repaired at some point and no rust is showing. More bodywork will still be needed, especially on the nose,  before painting, but it’s a good start. Included is a 948 engine and transmission for rebuild. Alternatively, we have fiberglass noses available, which might be an attractive option.

The prior owner modified the front cowl to accept a later sprite windshield and later doors with wind-up windows. Those doors are readily available if you choose to fit them, and build a true Bugeye or Sebring kit with later windows and doors. Or, if you prefer, you can fit the included stock Bugeye doors. You’ll just need to fit the included stock bugeye cowl first (see pictures).

AN5L 29672 was built in 1960 and  titled as a 1961 Bugeye. Clear title is included so that you can title and register this project anywhere in the world once it is complete. Dolly is also included, and we can deliver this project anywhere in the world, or you are welcome to come to our shop to pick it up and we will help you load. Here’s an inexpensive way to start your Bugeye experience! $2,495.

Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite paint colors


IMG_1572I’m really excited to see Gumby painted! I painted this car last in 1980, so it was overdue, and I am very happy with the result. This car will be built over the coming months in the style of the silver and red fuel injected Bugeye we have featured here extensively this year.

Because Gumby will be modified with all the best trick stuff (like fuel injection), I IMG_3390was not limited to the stock Bugeye color palette. Gumby was originally cherry red from the factory, and in primer when I purchased the car in 1978. I chose Jaguar dark BRG for the 1980 paint job (the former dark green finish is shown at left with snow), and love that color on the car. But I wanted to do something special, and spray my old friend with my ultimate color choice for the car that is so intertwined with my daily life. The green Bugeye we recently sold called “Gerry” really got my attention… that color just looked right on the car. That got me pointed in the right direction, and I checked out every late model variant of that color, on Accords, Kias and even a late model Grand Marquis (they all have a nice metallic green available). A late model Aston Martin Racing Green won my heart, it was metallic green like Gerry, with more silver, and this is the color we ultimately used, in a two stage modern formula. We will accent the silver with anthracite racing stripes and anthracite wheels, to bring out the silver in the car. You will see the result as we build the car in the coming months!

IMG_1586Bugeyes were originally sold with a small color palette. They were available in green, yellow, beige, white, dark “cherry” red and light “iris” blue. Early cars were available in “dark green” initially, and that color was later changed to leaf green. We have noticed that many of the Nevada Beige Bugeye’s have been repainted in Old English White, we hardly see Nevada Beige Sprites anymore. These are great period colors. We’ve gone off the map with Gumby, and this car will showcase the many mechanical innovations we routinely use to make these wonderful cars even more user-friendly on modern roadways.

The right needle for a 1275 Bugeye Sprite, or any Sprite or Midget with HS2 carbs

IMG_1585If you have a 1275 engine in a Sprite, you should try these needles. It’s hard to show in the video or pictures, but the taper is slightly different than stock, and it just makes your car work better. Case in point—we had a great Bugeye that was not transitioning smoothly in the mid-range. We richened the mixture slightly, which helped, but the idle went away, and got rough. And herein lies the challenge with SU carbs… the mixture setting is a coarse adjustment that might help one part of the RPM range, and hurt another. So the needle profile is a different line of attack, and in the case of this 1275 Bugeye, the #3 needle was the answer. We fit a pair and the car was transformed!

I’ll leave this up to the petri-engineers to explain, but I believe that 10% ethanol in our fuel requires a slightly richer setting than back when the AN needle was specified for these cars when fuel was ethanol-free. Try a pair of #3 needles and see if you agree that this is just what your engine needs to run on modern fuel.

Click here to buy needles.
**Mini Bugeye not included (although we have models for sale here)

Note: these only work with HS2 1.25 inch carbs, will not work on H1 stock Bugeye carbs.
H1 or HS2 carbs

Excellent restored 1958 Austin Healey Bugeyed Sprite for sale, “PIPER”

This is a 1958 Austin Healey Sprite Mark 1 (AN5L 2441) we call “Piper.” It’s a beautiful fully restored Bugeye which is titled as a 1959 but the chassis/vin number identifies it as a 1958 build (many Bugeyes were titled in the year after build, EG perhaps the car sat prior to import, or sat at a dealer until 1959, and was first titled then…).

We bought it from a skilled and passionate airplane mechanic who put the car through a lengthy restoration, and ultimately decided he wanted a fun car with a backseat for his growing family, and the Bugeye had to go. We have gone though the car and finished multiple subtle details to make his good car into an exceptional classic. Take a drive in the video below!

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Restored 1960 Bugeye Sprite for sale, “Delores”

IMG_1424Build your own Bugeye

This is a beautiful, restored, 1960 Bugeye called “Delores”(AN5L 30460). She shows 60,133 miles. Bodywork is all done, rust is removed and paint is new. The build is correct and accurate throughout. White with red is stunning on these cars and always popular. It’s a very straight and nicely restored car with a ton of new parts, including new drum brakes, front sway bar, tires, and a great red tonneau that matches the interior, as well as a very good black top. The underside is excellent, and I will add some new pictures of the floors as soon as possible, but there are no issues there. The correct original wheels are nicely restored and painted. The engine bay is well-detailed.

The interior is freshly completed and mint, as shown, with all new parts including correct red door liners and a new matching red panel kit with correct door seal gaskets.

She came to us with a nice-looking 948 engine low oil pressure and a well-painted transmission that whines more than normal. So we are offering this car instead with a rebuilt 948 engine and rebuilt transmission, all installed, ready to go and fully-sorted, for $26,995. Also included are the correct MK 1 air filters (removed in the photo for tuning) and a correct heater blower, which was missing.

We haven’t done the powertrain swap yet, and will wait until we get to know the new buyer, who instead may want any of the many upgrades we offer, such as a bigger 1275 engine, supercharger, five speed transmission, disk brakes, fuel injection, etc. It might be fun for the new owner to have us build what looks like a totally stock car but hides great performance improvements. Feel free to call to discuss a build that would satisfy your dreams! Mirrors, BTW, are one of the components we routinely customize. This car currently has a bullet mirror mounted in one of the windshield frame holes. It’s a great non-invasive way to go, but we can also change to chrome lollipop mirrors if the new owner so desires. That’s one of luxuries of working with us… you get to choose, and have it done right.

We get cars all the time with issues that were unexpected or unknown to the prior owner, who might not have the experience we have with the marque. This car is another example of a vehicle that we can now accurately represent and make right. It’s a wonderful car that will soon be ready for a great new home!

The sound of a toasted Sprite gearbox

Every Sprite gearbox has some wear, and they do just fine if you are nice to them, even when they are worn. In fact, “Gumby’s” gearbox has been whining more than normal in first gear since 1978, but with no additional grinding, it has lasted just fine for 36 years, and hasn’t gotten any worse. But a lot them get abused due to operator error, and this is a sore spot for me, because it’s a lot of work for us to build inventory of rebuilt gearboxes, and to get good gearbox parts. If we could all learn to love these wonderful little gears, they would last just fine, but due to operator error, many boxes are failing before their time.

(Rib)Case in point, the car featured in this video is a recent acquisition, and the gearbox has a bad noise on deceleration in all gears. It sound like a loose gear tooth is rattling around inside– a remove and rebuild is required. Take a listen, and please join the army of educated British car drivers who are most kind to their gears.

There is absolutely nothing to be afraid of or intimated about with a non-synchro first gear. Just be at a standstill before engaging first and/or reverse, and all else will be fine!